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How to unlock the ‘Anonymous’ Konig Skin in DMZ

Call of Duty: DMZ has several faction missions that players can complete to earn special in-game rewards. The reward for completing the last Tier 2 Legion faction mission is the Anonymous Operator skin for Konig. While not the best operator skin in the game and quite similar to the default, you may want to complete the objective to unlock the next level challenges.

How to unlock the Frame Job mission in DMZ

Frame Job is the last Tier 2 Legion faction mission and players need to unlock it. To gain access to this mission, you will first need to select and complete five of the six basic missions. The following are the easiest to complete in the DMZ:

  1. Spender
    • Acquire $60,000 Cash
    • Spend $60,000 in a store
  2. buried barrels
  3. scrap dealer
  4. anti air
    • Capture a SAM site
    • Wait for your captured SAM site to shoot down a plane
    • Loot a fallen supply drop
  5. Data collection
    • Find and loot a computer
    • Remove four USB thumb drives
    • Remove five hard drives

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How to Unlock Konig’s Anonymous Skin in DMZ

Launch a DMZ match and start looting nearby buildings. You can also complete contracts and kill AI fighters to get money. Once you have collected $18,000 cash, go directly to the nearby Buy Station and purchase the LTV with turret from the Equipment section of the store. This will complete the first task in the Frame Job Legion Faction Mission.

Drive the LTV to the Ahkdar Village area (marked on the map above). This POI is located in the center of Al Mazrah and next to the Zaya Observatory. Switch seats to get on the turret and kill 10 bots using it. Doing so will complete the second task of your quest. Now drive the vehicle to the Mawizeh Marshes region (marked on the map above). Fire bullets and throw explosives at the LTV to destroy it. This will complete the Frame Job quest for you and unlock the anonymous skin for Konig. You can equip this skin in multiplayer, Warzone 2, and DMZ from the Operators menu.

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