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How to unlock Giovanna Grana in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors there’s dozens of characters with distinctive stats and beginning weapons. Giovanna Grana, a brand new character, added within the April. 12 replace, is a novel witch-like character with a cat for a weapon. Here’s learn how to unlock her:

To unlock Giovanna Grana, begin a run with any character on the Inlaid Library. Head east (proper) till you uncover a Coffin. Giovanna Grana is within the Coffin.

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However, earlier than you possibly can unlock her, you’ll should defeat all of the flying skeletal minions that spawn. Beware, as these have a formidable pool of well being and might take a while to kill, so be sure to’ve unlocked a number of ranges earlier than you head to the Coffin.

Once unlocked, you should buy Giovanna from the character choose display screen. Her beginning weapon is the Gatti Amari, a summoned cat that dashes across the display screen, maybe attacking enemies, and generally attacking the participant as effectively!

Besides an unreliable cat as a companion, Giovanna Grana features +1% projectile pace, per stage, with no cap. This makes her synergise unbelievable effectively with the Runetracer, bone and dagger weapons. She additionally has +20% motion pace, most likely owing to the broom she’s using!

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