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How to unlock Cosmetics in Darktide – Warhammer 40k

Cosmetics are a planned feature in Darktide that will offer players several ways to change their character’s appearance, but it’s not yet clear how to obtain them. Luckily, unlocking more cosmetics in Darktide is not as complicated as it seems. Here’s how to get cosmetics in Darktide and unlock more.

How to get cosmetics in Darktide

To get cosmetics in Warhammer 40k Darktide, you have to unlock them by leveling up your Confidence level. Starting at trust level five, you can unlock cosmetics that you can equip by visiting the cosmetics menu. You can unlock more cosmetics as you progress through ranks or trust levels, usually every five levels. With that said, you can find the Cosmetic menu by opening your character’s inventory page and clicking the Cosmetic button in the image below.

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Leveling up your confidence level is not the only method you can use to get more Cosmetics in Darktide. In short, you can also unlock various Cosmetics by completing Penances. Penances are small achievements. You can see through the Penance option in the main menu. Completing Penances in various categories can reward cosmetic items such as item frames or trinkets. The following are various Penance achievements that unlock Cosmetics

How To Level Up Confidence Level In Darktide – Warhammer 40k

To level up your confidence level in Darktide, you need to complete missions. It is recommended to kill special enemies, complete side objectives, and kill most enemies for even more XP to help increase your confidence level. Playing higher difficulty missions is also a great option to help you boost your confidence level and earn more rewards.

Can I buy cosmetics in Darktide? -Warhammer 40k

Eventually all players can purchase Cosmetics if they wish when the game launches on November 30, 2022. If you are playing the Pre-order Beta, purchasing Cosmetics is currently disabled. Because of this, the only method of obtaining Cosmetics is to unlock them by completing objectives and quests and earning Penances.

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