How to unlock and use Puppet Wrapper?


PK lies Puppet Reaper It holds one of the most important weapons in its title indefinitely. In addition to being an incredibly powerful weapon, the way to acquire it and its use is completely different. A different experience More than a standard lie of P gameplay.

Key takeaways

  • gave Puppet Reaper PK Lies has a special boss weapon.
  • Players can obtain the following weapons by simply trading the Burnt White King’s Ergo to Aledoro.
  • Burnt White Kings are obtained by killing Ergo. king of puppets, One of the hardest bosses in Lies of P, found at the end of Chapter 6.
  • Puppet Reaper is a slow skill weapon with incredible. Range And loss.
  • Furthermore, the weapon attacks and its fable arts are perfectly suited to the mobile playstyle.

What is the puppet rapper in PK Lies?

Puppet Reaper Weapon (screenshot taken by eXputer)

The Pupper Ripper in Lies of P is a scythe-shaped special weapon classified as a sword item obtained after killing the Puppet King and trading his Burnt White King’s Argo. .

Puppet Rapper is one of them so far. The best weapon Equivalent to weapons like the Holy Sword of the Arc and the Golden Lie you can get in Lies of Pi. One particularly unique feature I experienced with the Reaper is that even though it’s a skill-based weapon, it’s one of them. The slowest are in his class. However, it makes up for it with its innocence. Range And loss.

Following are some additional features of Puppet Wrapper at Level 1:

  • Puppet Wrapper weighs 16.4
  • It is average. Physical assault Price of 132
  • Fable Arts has a charge value of 528, with a 51.7% chance to reduce damage on block.
  • The pipette wrapper cannot be disassembled for parts.
  • It is classified as a Boss weapon and cannot be obtained in any other way.
  • To upgrade puppet reaper, you need to farm. that’s why And Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

How to get Puppet Reaper

King of Puppets (Image credit copyright: Exporter)

To get the Puppet Reaper, you need to defeat the Puppet King and get the Burnt White King’s Argo, which you have to trade with Alidoro.

gave King of puppets Lies of P is one of the most challenging bosses, so you should tackle it carefully. He can be found near the Estella Opera House Stage Stargazer at the end of Chapter 6. It is important to note that there are two stages to this, the second stage being one of the most challenging battles you may engage in throughout your playthrough.

After defeating the Puppet King, he will leave the Burnt White King’s Argo. You will have to hold onto this item until you find an NPC named Alidoro. Alidoro’s known locations are either at Hotel Kratt or near the entrance to Baron Swamp (Chapter 8.).

Best way to use puppet wrapper

Using Puppet Wrapper (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Puppet Reaper a Based on skill A weapon for sure, but its playstyle is vastly different from some of the other skill-based weapons in Lies of P. Everything to its limit, Mythological artsand the overall attack style is one of the best in terms of damage per second (DPS) and mobility.

Puppet is the best utility of the wrapper. Long range whip. This is a heavy or charged attack that covers quite a distance and allows you to deal a lot of damage from a safe distance.

Puppet Reaper Fable Arts

  • Puppet Reaper has two legendary arts with Quick Upward Slash and Storm Spinning Slash. gave Quick upward slash Allows you to deal a lot of damage on the move up as a close quarter maneuver.
  • Additionally, it can potentially stagger the opponent, making for a lot of fun combos. gave Storm Spinning Slash There is a more powerful charge attack that does slightly more damage from a distance than using a whip.

My thoughts

King of Puppets drops (Image credit: Exporter)

In my experience, the Puppet Ripper is the best weapon in Lies of P. It just enhances all the fun features of one. Skill-based playstyle. It provides a lot of protection and quite a bit of temper with its technique while dealing damage to power weapons. Additionally, creates a long-distance whip. Boss fight So simple that every time I start a new game I almost run as fast as I can to get the puppet wrapper. You may also like this. Video by X user @Rurikhan Discovering the Pistol Rock Drill Handle in PK Lies..

Finally, it’s time to wrap up my discussion of the Puppet Ripper in Lies of P . Should you lie in PK Lies? To determine the narrative of your playthrough. If it’s not to your liking, you can always check out. P.K.’s best amulet lies And combine the best with Puppet Wrapper.


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