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How to unlock and set up a Peddler Stall in Nobody The Turnaround

Peddler Stall is one of the many ways to turn your life around and pay off all your debts in Nobody The Turnaround, but it’s not clear how to unlock it. When starting the game for the first time, all we will know is that we need to complete a quest to unlock the Peddler job, but it doesn’t explain where you can find the quest. Luckily, when you unlock a peddler position, the job isn’t as difficult as it seems in Nobody The Turnaround.

How to Unlock the Peddler Job in Nobody The Turnaround

To unlock and set up a Peddler Job, you need to progress until you unlock the Peddler Job at the end of day 19 in Nobody Change. At the end of the day, your character will have a conversation with his sister about setting up a peddler stand. After talking to your sister, you can unlock the Peddler job by opening the Planner by pressing the I key. Unlike most previous jobs, the Peddler job will only cost one skill point to unlock. If you don’t have skill points, we recommend leveling up in one of your other jobs until you get enough points. Once unlocked, you can start selling items for money by first purchasing them using the dbay app opening his phone. Within the Dbay app, you can find various items to sell and buy. Buy some stuff and you can sell it by heading to one of the Stall locations marked on your map.

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How to set up a hawker stall in Nobody The Turnaround

To set up a Peddler Stand, you must first have items in your inventory. You can purchase items from the Dbay app and pick them up at the Buddy Express location marked on your map. With that being said, once you have items in your inventory, head to one of the stall locations on your map. You can find a stand north of the large fountain in the park and another one near the hotel. Outpost locations are marked with small outpost icons on the map. See the icon highlighted in green to see an example of a position location, and the highlighted icon on yellow is where you can pick up your items.

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