How to unlock all mounts

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Mounts are creatures that players can ride in Minecraft: Legends. These mounts allow players to travel the land more easily than just walking or running, and some of them have special abilities that can make riding safer.

Read on as we talk about the different types of mounts in Minecraft: Legends.

Currently, there are four mounts that can be used in the game, and you can always look for them by checking your map for its icon in the area where it spawns; they will usually appear in the areas you have already discovered.

Here are all the Minecraft Legends mounts and how to unlock them:

  • Horse
  • big peak
  • shiny beetle
  • royal tiger


The Horse is your starting mount and is available as soon as you start a world. He can run indefinitely and can cover long distances quickly.

Big Beak - Minecraft Legends Mounts and How to Unlock Them

big peak

Big Beak is a huge bird that has the ability to jump high and slowly glide down. It can be found in the jagged spikes biome. Their colorful feathers will make it easy to find one in the area. To use his ability, simply jump and hold to jump high and hold to slide down.

Brilliant Beetle - Minecraft Legends mounts and how to unlock them

shiny beetle

Brilliant Beetle is a huge beetle that has the ability to climb structures in exchange for not being so fast. You can also use your wings to slowly glide down. It can be found in the Jungle biome. To use his ability, simply walk towards a vertical structure or surface and you will be able to climb it.

Regal Tiger - Minecraft Legends mounts and how to unlock them

royal tiger

Regal Tiger is a tiger that can be found in the Dry Savanna biome. They have purple fur which should make them easy to spot in the wild. Their ability is that they can outrun any of the mounts for a short period of time. It is useful when you need a quick escape to close the gap between you and the enemy. After using the ability, Regal Tiger will get tired for a short period of time before he can use the ability again.

How to exchange Minecraft Legends mounts?

To trade between the mounts you’ve had, simply visit a nearby town where you’ll find them, and then interact with the mount you want to trade for.

Check out this amazing video of PepperHomie Game Reviews and Guides showing how to get all mounts in Minecraft: Legends:

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