How To Trade In Elden Ring (Requirements & Restrictions)



This Elden Ring guide will walk you through the essential steps on how to trade in Elden Ring and the requirements to trade items and resources with fellow players, enabling you to enhance your gameplay experience and foster cooperation in the Lands Between. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and embark on a more fruitful and enjoyable journey. 

Key Takeaways

  • To trade, Obtain Tarnished’s Furled Finger and Furcalling Finger Remedy, enable online mode, and coordinate with a friend to exchange valuable in-game items.
  • Enable online mode in Elden Ring by accessing the “Network” menu, and adjusting the necessary settings for matchmaking, summon signs and online play.
  • To trade with a friend, set up a multiplayer password by accessing the “Settings” menu, selecting “Multiplayer,” using the “Tarnished’s furled finger” option.
  • When trading, choose a location that is safe, accessible, visible, private, and memorable to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted trading experience.
  • For a successful trade, communicate with your friend, drop off and pick up items, confirm the trade, and end the session after completing the exchange.
  • Trading limitations include non-tradeable items, soul and weapon level restrictions, consumable item limits, single-item trade sessions, and connectivity.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin trading, ensure that you have the following items and requirements: Tarnished’s Furled Finger, Furcalling Finger Remedy, Online access, and a friend to trade with.

Necessary Items And Requirements For Trading 

Before learning how to trade in Elden ring, you must have specific items and meet certain requirements. This will ensure a smooth trading process and help you exchange items with your friends. Here’s a detailed overview of the necessary items and requirements for trading:

  1. Tarnished’s Furled Finger: This item is crucial for initiating the trading process. It allows you to place a summon sign on the ground, enabling your friend to find and join your realm.
    • Make sure you have this item in your inventory before you start trading.
  2. Furcalling Finger Remedy: This item is necessary to invite your friend to your realm or join their realm.
    • It helps reveal summon signs placed by other players, making it easier for you to connect with your friend and begin trading.
  3. Online Access: Trading requires online access, as you’ll interact with other players in their respective realms.
    • Ensure you have a stable internet connection and have enabled online mode in the settings. This will allow you to connect with your friend and trade items seamlessly.
  4. A Friend to Trade With Lastly, you’ll need a willing friend to trade items. Without a friend to trade with, the process is impossible.
    • Make sure you and your friend are on the same page and have the necessary items and requirements for trading. Communication is key to ensuring a smooth and successful trading experience.

By gathering the necessary items and meeting the requirements, you’ll be well-prepared to trade items. This will help you exchange valuable items with friends and enhance your gaming experience.

Enabling Online Mode

elden ring how to trade
Turning on Online Mode (Credit: YouTube Channel)

To enable online mode, follow these steps, allowing you to connect with other players for cooperative or competitive play and engage in trading with your friends. Here’s a detailed guide to help you enable online mode in the game:

  1. Go to “Settings”: From the main menu or while in-game, access the “Settings” menu. This is where you can modify various game options, including enabling online mode.
  2. Select “System”: Within the “Settings” menu, locate and select the “System” tab. This will provide you with a list of system-related settings you can customize.
  3. Navigate to the “Network” menu: In the “System” tab, scroll down to find the “Network” menu. This is where you can adjust settings related to online play. Set the following settings:
  4. Cross-Region Play: Perform Matchmaking – Enabling this option allows you to connect with players from different regions, expanding your pool of potential friends and adversaries.
  5. Send Summon Sign: Enable – This setting allows you to place summon signs on the ground for other players to see. By enabling this, you’re enabling your friends to find and join your realm, which is essential for trading.
  6. Launch Setting: Play Online – Choose the “Play Online” option to ensure that you’re connecting to the online servers.
    • This is a critical step in enabling online mode, as it allows you to interact with other players in the Elden Ringworld.

You’ll successfully enable online mode by following these steps and adjusting the necessary settings. This will allow you to connect with other players, participate in cooperative or competitive gameplay, and trade with your friends, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Setting A Multiplayer Password And Summoning A Friend For Trading

elden ring how to trade
Setting a Password

A multiplayer password is important to trade with a friend to ensure that only the intended player can join your game. Follow these steps to set a multiplayer password and summon your friend, making it possible to trade items with each other:

  1. Go to “Settings“: Access the “Settings” menu from the main menu or in-game. This is where you can modify various game options, including settings related to multiplayer.
  2. Select “Multiplayer“: In the “Settings” menu, locate and select the “Multiplayer” tab. This will provide you with a list of multiplayer-related settings that you can customize.
  3. Click on “Tarnished’s furled finger“: Within the “Multiplayer” tab, find the “Tarnished’s furled finger” option. This item allows you to summon other players to your realm or be summoned by them.
  4. Set and share a password with your friend: Create a unique and secure password in the “Password” field.
  5. Place your summon sign: With the password set, use your Tarnished’s furled finger to place a summon sign on the ground in a location that is easy for your friend to find.
  6. Instruct your friend to enter the password: Have your friend go to their “Settings” menu, select “Multiplayer,” and enter the same password you’ve shared with them in the “Password” field.
  7. Friend searches for, and interacts with your summon sign: With the password entered, your friend should now be able to see your sign in their game world.
    • They must interact with the sign to summon you into their realm or join yours, depending on who placed the sign.

Following these steps, you can set a multiplayer password and summon your friend for trading. Once in the same realm, you can trade items by dropping them on the ground for each other to pick up.

Selecting An Ideal Location For Trading

Learning how to trade in Elden ring involves choosing a suitable location for trading is crucial to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience. When selecting a location, consider the following factors to optimize your trading session:

  1. Safety: Pick a location free from hostile enemies or environmental hazards. This will minimize the risk of getting attacked or interrupted while trading.
    • Look for areas that have been cleared of enemies or that are designated as safe zones.
  2. Accessibility: Choose a spot that is easy for you and your friend to reach. Ideally, the location should be near a checkpoint, like a Site of Grace or a bonfire, so both players can quickly travel to the trading area without navigating through dangerous territory.
  3. Visibility: Opt for an open area with good visibility, making it easier for both players to locate each other’s summon signs and dropped items.
    • Avoid tight or cluttered spaces where summoning signs or items is difficult to see.
  4. Privacy: Although setting a password should prevent random players from joining your game, selecting a location where other players are less frequent is still a good idea.
    • This can help minimize distractions and potential interference during your trading session.
  5. Memorability: Pick a unique or easily recognizable location so that both players can find the trading spot without difficulty.
    • Unique landmarks or distinctive environmental features can help serve as meeting points for trading.

Considering these factors, you can choose an ideal location for trading, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience as you and your friend exchange items. Remember to communicate with your friend about the chosen location and share any relevant details to ensure both parties can easily find the trading spot.

Trading Items With Your Friend

elden ring how to trade
Trading with other players

Once you’ve chosen a suitable location for trading and successfully summoned your friend, follow these steps to exchange items with them:

  1. Communication: Before starting the trading process, ensure you and your friend understand the items to be exchanged. This can be done through in-game messaging or a communication platform like voice chat.
  2. Dropping Items: To drop an item, open your inventory, locate the item you wish to trade, and select the “Leave” or “Discard” options.
    • The item will appear on the ground as a glowing orb, visible to you and your friend. Remember that certain items, like key items and quest-related objects, cannot be dropped or traded.
  3. Picking Up Items: When your friend has dropped their item, walk over to the glowing orb and interact with it to add the item to your inventory. Similarly, your friend should pick up the item you have dropped.
  4. Confirming the Trade: After both players have picked up the items, take a moment to verify that the trade has been successful.
    • Check your inventory to ensure you’ve received the correct item, and confirm with your friend that they have received the item you offered in exchange.
  5. Courtesy: Once the trade is complete, it’s good etiquette to express gratitude and thank your friend for the trade.
    • You can use in-game gestures, messages, or your preferred communication method to express appreciation.
  6. Ending the Session: After completing the trade, you can continue playing together or end the multiplayer session.
    • To end the session, use the “Furlcalling Finger Remedy” item to remove the summoned player from your world and return them to their own game.

Following these steps, you can efficiently and safely trade items with your friend, enhancing your gaming experience by exchanging valuable items, equipment, and resources.

Trading Limitations

While it can be a great way to exchange items and resources with other players, there are some limitations to keep in mind:

  1. Non-tradeable Items: Certain items cannot be traded between players, such as key items, quest-related objects, and some unique or covenant-related equipment.
    • This limitation ensures players progress through and experience the intended storyline and challenges.
  2. Soul Level and Weapon Level Restrictions: To maintain balanced gameplay, trading between players with significant differences in soul level or weapon level may not be possible.
    • This prevents high-level players from providing low-level players with powerful equipment that could trivialize Elden Ring’s difficulty.
  3. Consumable Item Limits: When trading consumable items like healing potions, there may be a limit on the quantity you can trade at once.
    • This restriction prevents players from amassing a large stockpile of consumables, which could potentially disrupt the balance.
  4. Single Trade Sessions: Players can only trade one item at a time. To exchange multiple items, you must complete a trade and initiate another one for each item you wish to exchange.
  5. Connectivity: Trading requires a stable internet connection for both players, and any disconnection or network issues may disrupt or terminate the trading session.

Moreover, by being aware of these trading limitations, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable trading experience while respecting the intended balance and progression.

In conclusion, this guide has provided you with the necessary steps and requirements for how to trade in Elden ring, including enabling online mode, setting a multiplayer password, choosing a location for trading, and exchanging items with your friend. Without grinding, you can get great weapons like Moonlight Greatsword or the Uchigatana!


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