How to Target Engines in Starfield (Explained)



You can actually target engines in the starfield using the unlockable targeting mode, which allows you to tackle battles in the night of space with ease. If players don’t pay enough attention to skills in Starfield, they can also miss out on using the targeting mode.

Key takeaways

  • One is specific. skill Which you need to buy to target engines.
  • Targeting control systems That’s the skill you need to unlock. Starfield.
  • It lies in skill Tech skills It will cost you 1 skill point to tab and unlock.
  • Once unlocked, you can then target various parts of enemy spaceships, including the engines.
  • If you destroy the engine of an enemy ship, the spaceship starfield activates in space battles.
  • Then you can. Board or The dock Immobile enemies the ship And besides looting.

Important: You can only target engines as well as other spacecraft parts when you unlock a specific skill.

How to Target Engines

Starfield Target Mode
Unlocking Targeting Mode (Image taken by us)

Targeting is actually locked behind a skill under the Tech Skills tab. You will need 1 skill point to buy a skill. Most players will ignore this skill, not realizing its true importance during space battles.

This is probably one of the most important skills used in spaceship combat.

  • Once you unlock the Targeting Control System skill, you can target the spacecraft’s engines.
  • Before unlocking the skill, you could only lock onto enemy ships during battle.
  • Now, after the initial lock-on, you can now enter. Targeting modewhich allows you to target different parts of the ship.
  • If you want mobilizing the spaceship, Then just target its engines and just shoot at them.
  • Targeting mode also has a slow-motion effect when shooting specific areas, allowing you to shoot precisely.

Destroyer engines

  • Once you destroy an enemy ship’s engine, it will activate.
  • Then you can. Dock on enemy ship Use your spaceship and loot the enemy ship as well.
  • The loot you get this way is much higher than what you get by completely destroying the ship.

Be sure to be clear of enemy weapons before boarding the moving ship. You can destroy them as well as the engines, but make sure not to damage the ship too much as it can destroy the entire ship. Finally, mastering the targeting control system will really help you if you’re going. Loot the spaceship in the starfield. And if you’re going to join it and become a space pirate. Crimson Fleet faction.

Starfield offers a rich RPG experience across hundreds of planets in space. You can land on different planets and explore using Promotion pack, which is your jetpack. Join different factions and explore vast star systems with your favorites. companion. You can even open a new one. authorities As you progress through the main campaign.

This concludes my guide on how you can target engines in Starfield using the targeting mode in the various battles that take place in the night of space. I’ve included the exact skill you need to unlock to unlock targeting mode. How to mount an enemy the ship Also mentioned after destroying the engines. Let me know what you think of Starfield in the comments below!


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