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How to tame Geyser Bear in Rune Factory 5

Geyser Bear is a boss monster you encounter in Rune Factory 5. It’s the one one which drops Sharp Horns, a uncommon merchandise used for crafting. Like any boss, it’s a ache to defeat it continuously and with no assure that it’ll drop the merchandise you want. It’s higher to tame it. That manner, Geyser Bear can produce one Sharp Horn for you each morning.

Here’s how one can tame it:

  1. Go again to Bandit King’s Old Base 1F after your first battle with it.
  2. Brush Geyser Bear till the music notice icon stops showing above its head. This will make it friendlier in the direction of you and, thus, simpler to seize.
  3. Do not assault it. Instead, give it gadgets that it likes. Contrary to its scary look, it surprisingly likes fish, extra particularly Salmon. It additionally likes Corn grown from Starfall Seeds.
    • You’ll know you’re doing it proper when you see the guts icon over its head with each present. It will take some time, however it should ultimately include you.

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If you’re nonetheless unsuccessful after many makes an attempt, attempt once more at a larger stage. The wider your stage hole, the upper its probabilities of being tamed. Plus, be sure to have house in one in every of your Barns. Monsters gained’t include you if there isn’t any room. You can add a room to an current Barn at Studio Palmer.

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