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How to resolve the Ceremonious Carvings puzzle in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

In the Temple excessive above Yavin 4, a puzzle requires you to interpret a number of hidden carvings to shoot the targets within the right sequence. You can unlock the Kyber Brick reward, which is essential for getting these character upgrades. Here’s how!

Find all of the carvings

As you possibly can see, the targets are all positioned on pillars with particular carvings beneath them, and this implies that you must correlate these markings with which order you’ll shoot the targets. The carvings dispersed round signify the 4 pillars with the targets. The greatest manner to determine which carving goes first is to start out from the entrance of the Temple and work your manner again. Count what number of marks are in them as a result of this will even reveal the order to you. Here is what every carving appears like:

Carving One

This carving is positioned on the very entrance of the Temple within the entry, on the left wall beside the doorway.

Carving Two

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As quickly as you enter the Temple, flip to your left, and the second carving is on the wall behind these barrels.

Carving Three

To discover the third carving, stroll down the steps and switch to your proper. It is decrease to the bottom, barely hidden behind some extra barrels.

Carving Four

The final carving is the obvious, positioned on the very far finish of the Temple up the steps, proper close to the Rebel.

Shoot the targets

After you have discovered all of the carvings, you must be capable to shoot the targets within the right order. The first carving solely has one mark, so we all know this have to be the primary goal to shoot after which proceed to observe that very same sequence. Here’s the order you must hit the targets, from left to proper:

  • Fourth Pillar
  • Second Pillar
  • Third Pillar
  • First Pillar

Collect your reward

It will provoke a fast reduce scene revealing the Kyber Brick being launched if shot within the right order. Then you possibly can run up the steps to gather it, and you have efficiently completed the puzzle!

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