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If you played Breath of the Wild, then you already know how to Shield Surf in Tears of the Kingdom. Shield Surf is a technique that allows you to use Link’s shields as a snowboard. This technique is fairly useful when you are trying to go down a mountain. It can also be used in the sand and well as rocky plains. 

Key Takeaways

  • Shield Surf In Tears of the Kingdom allows you to use the equipped shield as a snowboard on slopes. 
  • It is a very useful technique for conserving Stamina if you are in a hurry.
  • To shield surf, you must equip a shield and press the ZL button to take the shield out.
  • Once you have the Shield out, you must press the X button to jump in the air with the Shield out.
  • In mid-air, press the A button, and Link will start to Shield surf immediately.
  • Shield surf can damage the shield unless you shield surf on a snowy mountain or a desert. 
  • You can glide while you are shield surfing to avoid dangerous falls. 
  • You can use Shield surfing on railings as well as this is a new addition in Tears of the Kingdom. 

Tears of the Kingdom Shield Surf Explained

This image shows how Link starts his Shield Surf.

To use Shield Surf, you must first equip a shield. It is to be noted that the shield can deteriorate by using Shield Surf, so you should use a high-durability shield for it. Once you have equipped the shield now, you must take it out to shield surf. Press ZL to use the focus of Link.

In addition to using focus, Link will take out his Shield. Now that the shield is out, you must jump up. Press X to jump in the air. Once you are in the air, rapidly press the A button. Link will flip and put his shield on his feet. This is how you can shield surf in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tips And Tricks Of Shield Surf

tips for shield surf
Link is using his glider while still in Shield Surf Stance.

Shield Surf is a very useful trick, and it helps you conserve your time and stamina. Following are a few tips that you ought to follow while you shield surf.

  • As mentioned earlier, Shield Surf actually damages the shield that has been equipped. The shield will be damaged more if you are using Shield Surf on a rocky plain, and it will break faster. It will result in Link falling down and tumbling, which can actually lead to his death if the slope is very long.
  • Shield Surf on snow and sand actually does almost no damage to the shield. Hence, it is okay to use Shield Surf around in the snowy mountains and in the desert.
  • Shield Surf also costs no stamina and is faster than running. So it is advised that you use Shield Surf as much as you can in Snow or deserts.
  • It should be noted that there is no boost mechanism for shield surf other than Sand Seals in the desert. Hence, it would be best if you used it on slopes more rather than on flat ground.
  • By pressing the Y button, you can attack enemies that get too close to you while Shield Surfing. 
  • In Tears of the Kingdom, there is actually a new mechanic for Shield Surf. You can actually ride the rails by using Shield Surf. So if you are stuck somewhere without a cart, you should use Shield Surf to ride the rails.
  • If you have a cliff in front of you, but you need to make it to the other side while shield surfing, then just press the X button twice. This will open the glider with the shield still on Link’s feet. Now when Link lands, he will continue to Shield Surf. 

Ending Remarks

Shield surf refers to the ability to use your shields as a snowboard. It is helpful when you don’t have much stamina and get off of a mountain quickly. To shield surf, equip a shield and take it out by pressing ZL. Then you must jump up by pressing X and immediately press A to start shield surf. This is useful for a quick way to get off a snowy mountain or roam in the deserts. You can attack enemies by pressing Y, and it can be used to ride rails as well. It should be noted that on rocky surfaces, the shield can get damaged and break as well. 

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