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How to recruit Nikki in Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition

45 playable characters await you in Chrono Cross, supplying you with ample alternative to create the right group. However, when you get to Termina, you will quickly discover that you simply want somebody who is aware of the best way to Viper Manor. You can select certainly one of three new recruits at this level—Guile, Pierre, or Nikki—however selecting one will lock the opposite two out of your playthrough. Here’s learn how to recruit Nikki in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Where to search out and recruit Nikki in Chrono Cross

First, you must discuss to the person sharpening the statue up the steps from the Termina entrance. After he tells you there isn’t any manner into Viper Manor, head to the west space of Termina, left of the bar, and climb the steps to board the ship. Speak to the person behind the desk, after which Miki will enter. She’ll inform you Nikki went to the Shadow Forest, so select to assist get him again.

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Enter the Shadow Forest, east of Termina, from the World Map. You’ll see Nikki within the second space, singing to a monster, however he runs away to the left. Follow him to the subsequent space, and you will find him underneath assault by Cassowaries! Engage them in battle, and save Nikki.

Once you do, he will not appear that grateful. Follow Nikki once more underneath the waterfall, the place he’ll lastly agree to affix your “band.” Nikki’s stats are common, and he’ll be a strong addition to your get together whenever you head on to Viper Manor. If you alter your thoughts about Nikki, you possibly can all the time take an alternate path with a unique save file, or have extra enjoyable with New Game+.

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