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How to recruit Mojo in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Chrono Cross follows Serge, a teenage boy who turns into swept up in a narrative of parallel worlds and inter-dimensional threats. While trying to uncover the reality of his previous, Serge will acquire many alternative allies to assist him in his journey, every with their very own wealthy backstories and motivations. There are a complete of 45 playable characters in Chrono Cross, which means you will have loads of choices to kind the proper workforce. For this information, we’ll be taking a look at a mysterious voodoo doll who gained sentience—Mojo. Here’s learn how to recruit Mojo in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Mojo comply with.

Where to search out and recruit Mojo

Mojo is the fourth character that may be recruited in Chrono Cross, although the strategy for buying him is not very apparent. Before recruiting Mojo, first, you will must receive a Shark Tooth from Home World’s Arni Village. To do that, head into the top-right hut inside the village and head towards the again. Take the ramp right down to discover a fisherman, then converse with him to obtain a Shark Tooth.

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From there, head to Opassa Beach to journey to Another World, then return to the fisherman’s hut in Arni Village. The fisherman by no means took up fishing on this world, as an alternative spending his time praying to a straw doll. Present the Shark Tooth to the would-be fisherman of this world at any level after defeating Karsh at Cape Howl, then try to go away the room. Mojo will spring to life and request to accompany Serge, becoming a member of your social gathering within the course of.

Mojo’s talents

Mojo’s assault and protection stats are decrease than most characters, although his extraordinarily excessive agility stat makes up for his weaknesses. His innate ingredient is Black, the fundamental shade carefully related to shadow and area, which means he’ll profit the social gathering most when going through off towards opponents with an innate White ingredient. When utilizing the Voodoo Dance tech, Mojo imbues his ft with darkish vitality earlier than dancing over to the enemy and bashing them, afflicting foes with a curse.

Mojo’s Carwheel tech sees him igniting the ends of his limbs with a black flame earlier than cartwheeling towards his opponents, hitting all enemies on display screen and dealing a hefty quantity of injury. Mojo is a bit weaker than most characters you will encounter whereas taking part in Chrono Cross, however is the primary innate Black ingredient character that may be recruited and has a ridiculously excessive agility stat, making him very helpful to have early on!

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