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How to recruit Glenn in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

While uncovering the reality of his previous, Serge will encounter a various solid of allies prepared to assist him out, every with their very own wealthy backstories and motivations. There are a complete of 45 playable characters in Chrono Cross, which means you will have loads of choices to kind the right crew. In this information we’ll be taking a look at one character specifically—the younger Acacia Dragoon, Glenn. Here’s the right way to recruit Glenn in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition.

Note: Minor character spoilers for Glenn observe.

Where to search out and recruit Glenn

In order to recruit Glenn into your social gathering, first, you will must refuse serving to to search out Kid an antidote. Once this has been finished, communicate with Macha and make your option to Termina (Another World). Upon arriving, head to the flower store to provoke a brief cutscene between the flower store girl and Glenn, wherein he reveals his need to discover a boat and infiltrate Fort Dragonia (Another World).

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Once the scene is finished, Glenn will depart off-screen towards the docks. Head again over to the docks and communicate with Macha as soon as once more, at which level Glenn will introduce himself to the social gathering and ask to borrow your boat. After studying that Serge is headed towards Fort Dragonia as properly, Glenn will request to accompany the group, unlocking him as a playable character within the course of.

Glenn’s talents

Glenn’s innate component is Green, the basic shade intently related to air and nature, and his Attack stat is the highest amongst innate Green characters. Additionally, he’s able to dual-wielding two Einlanzer swords as soon as each are acquired. When utilizing the Dash&Gash tech, Glenn rushes towards his opponent with blinding velocity, slicing proper by them to deal a hefty quantity of harm.

On the opposite hand, Glenn’s SonicSword tech sees him concentrating Green power into his sword earlier than drawing it, inflicting it to increase towards his enemies and deal huge injury. Glenn is the strongest bodily attacking innate Green character that may be recruited throughout Chrono Cross, and he solely will get deadlier with each Einlanzers in his possession. If you are in search of a strong Green character, make sure you recruit Glenn to your social gathering!

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