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Core points of Gamers

How to play poker in Weird West

Poker might be performed in Saloons with NPCs, however the sport is a bit completely different than regular poker. In Weird West, poker is performed with one card and whoever has the very best is the winner.

To play poker, you could first discover an NPC who’s seeking to play. An NPC who needs to play will say one thing like “all these cards and nobody to play with.” Approach them and they’ll ask you to play poker.

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Weird West Poker Rules

To play, you could pay a buy-in of fifty gold, then every hand has an preliminary guess of 5 gold. Each hand, you’ll obtain a card, then get the choice to guess 5, 10, 15 gold, or fold. The opponent can then increase or fold. If they increase, you get the choice to name their guess or fold, then you definately present your card.

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Whoever has the excessive card wins. Here are the cardboard rankings from highest beginning on the left.

  • Ace — King — Queen — Jack — 10 — 9 — 8 — 7 — 6 — 5 — 4 — 3 — 2

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