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How to play every class in For Honor’s Viking faction

For Honor is likely one of the extra unconventional preventing video games to come back out in latest reminiscence. Players are in a position to take up arms as one among a number of historic factions that by no means really met on the battlefield and duke it out in a wide range of recreation modes. One faction that has a behavior of dominating this warfare is the Vikings. Let’s delve into what makes them so highly effective.

For Honor Viking Faction


“You’re a raider! Legendary!” The Raider is a Vanguard hero which makes them straightforward to select up and play for brand spanking new gamers. Their assault model is extra aggressive than their Warden and Kensei counterparts and makes use of grabs and extensive swings.

  • The Raider is not a defensive character. As such, they’re only when performed aggressively and when pressuring opponents.
  • Learn when to make use of Raider’s Fury as it’s extremely highly effective resulting from its excessive harm and unblockable nature.

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Much just like the Knights’ Conqueror, the Warlord makes use of his massive defend to fend off opponents’ assaults to get good and shut. Once there, the brief sword rains down heavy blows to empty a foe’s stamina and go away them susceptible to ending blows.

  • Use the Shield Counter to throw off continuous assaults whereas additionally draining an opponent’s stamina and gorgeous them.
  • Loads of the Warlord’s package entails heavy assaults, which drain stamina. Be conscious that you do not go away your self out of stamina and susceptible.


An murderer like no different, the Berserker is supposed to be a pest and harasser. Their assaults hit laborious and quick and pair nicely with aggressive gamers. Just be conscious to not be caught out of a combo as they’re the crux of the Berserker’s package.

  • The Berserker has an infinite combo that may be utilized for aggressive play and alternates heavy and lightweight assaults in any path to maintain opponents off-kilter.
  • After 4 assaults, the Berserker’s combos grow to be uninterruptible even when blocked.


The Valkyrie is a formidable fighter that’s equally comfy working at a distance or up shut because of her spear and small defend. With an arsenal of pokes, sweeps, and jabs, the Valkyrie retains the stress up higher than most heroes.

  • The Spear Sweep is an especially highly effective finisher for any combo, however be conscious to not overuse it as it could grow to be predictable.
  • Master the Dodge Block because it opens up an attacker and the Shoulder Pin that can be utilized afterward will inflict a Bleed standing.

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The Highlander is a hybrid fighter with two completely different fight kinds which depend on technical precision. Mastering the Offensive and Defensive kinds is vital to succeeding with this hero.

  • Balor’s Might is flexible in that its assaults could be infinitely chained collectively, triggers Enhanced Lights for additional harm, and could be feinted for baiting an opponent.
  • Master Offensive Form as it may be triggered simply and used to completely oppress foes.


The Shaman is a light-weight, nimble, and completely vicious attacker. By inflicting the Bleed standing and consistently transferring, the Shaman can float across the battlefield whereas completely terrorizing opponents.

  • Always maintain a Bleed impact up as it’s going to tick an opponent’s well being down.
  • Master using feints and cancels to maintain opponents off-balance and to create assault alternatives.


The Jormungandr is a juggernaut that may commerce blows. While they’re slower than different fighters, after they hit, they hit laborious. Be affected person, conscious of your environment, and maintain foes pinned down in opposition to a wall or another impediment to be really efficient.

  • Jormungandr has unimaginable stress when an opponent is out of stamina. Push to get them on this state after which do not let up.
  • Jormungandr’s heavy and lightweight assaults are comparatively gradual. They should be used to create a guessing recreation and throw opponents off.

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