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Exploring the seamless and never-ending expanse of Starfield’s universe, players often find themselves at odds with the law, and collect rewards along their cosmic journey. Understanding how bounty is paid in Starfield is therefore of utmost importance and players can do it by paying, negotiating, or serving time.

Key takeaways

  • See Self-Service Bounty Clearance. Build terminals in the hub or build in your outpost for convenience.
  • Obvious wastes in systems Where you are not required for effective solutions.
  • The amount of grace varies, 600 to 100,000 credits depending on the severity of the crime.
  • Jail time There is an alternative to paying, with options to wait, escape, or confront the guards.
  • Use negotiation skills. To minimize the cost of bribery and ensure speedy release after arrest.
  • Stay informed On your status by checking current rewards via Starmap.
  • Engaged in hidden activities Possibly to avoid collecting rewards.
  • Be careful companion; They may report serious crimes, which affect relationships in the game.
  • remember, There is no reward for raiding the Crimson Fleet unless you are a member.

What is grace in Starfield?

What is grace?
What is Grace (Image credit: eXputer)

I grace Starfield Refers to a system where players receive penalties for committing crimes such as stealing, hacking, or attacking NPCs.

If caught committing these offenses, a faction within the Starfield will place a bounty on the player, making him a target for that faction’s authorities. Clearing this bounty is essential to safe travel within settled systems, ensuring that players are not stopped or attacked for their wrongdoings.

Why Should You Pay Grace in Starfield?

If caught without a reward by the authorities at Starfield, players risk confiscation of stolen goods and contraband..

At Starfield, reward payments ensure safe travel within settled systems. By proactively paying and clearing bounties, players avoid these consequences while keeping their illegal items, which can allow for more seamless navigation and interaction within the game’s star systems.

How to Pay and Clear Bounties in Starfield

Pay and clear a bounty
Pay Bounty and Clear (Image credit: eXputer)

Navigating settled systems in the starfield with a bounty hanging over your head can be a daunting task. To ensure trouble-free travel between the stars, clearing any outstanding prizes is crucial. Here’s how to pay or clear a bounty.

Find a terminal.

Self-service bounty clearance terminals are your go-to points. Unlike the vast expanses of space, on planets, these are conveniently located in high-traffic areas. Find their affiliates. Assignment of Mission Board Terminals, especially in popular gathering places such as bars, inns and hotels. This placement ensures that players can quickly resolve their legal issues while managing other tasks.

Personalize your checkpoint

For those who favor convenience and have the requisite resources, there is an option to bring a bounty clearing service to your doorstep. Players can install a Self-service bounty clearance terminal at their outposts in Starfield.

This feature not only adds customization to your space but also provides a quick solution to any sudden grace issues that arise during gameplay.

All bounty clearance locations in Starfield

While there are plenty of bounty clearance terminals in the starfield, some are definitely more accessible than others. The first place you want to scout is the main hub of a planet or space station. Think of it as the center of a city — most essential services, including these terminals, are strategically located here. Here are some places to clear the bounty in Starfield as well. Eurogamer mentioned..

A planet or space station Star system Location of Bounty Clearance Terminal Place of factionalism
Mars Civil Cydonia – Broken Spear (central hub area) United Colonies (UC)
Deimos Staryard (orbits the Deimos moon of Mars) Civil Deimos Staryard entrance area United Colonies (UC)
Jamieson Alpha Centauri New Atlantis – The Viewport (Spaceport Area) United Colonies (UC)
the meal Cheyenne Aquila City – Hitching Post (Central Center) Freestar Collective
Trident Luxury Lines (circling Aqeela) Cheyenne Entrance area of ​​Trident Luxury Lines Freestar Collective
Wally Alpha I wanted Neon – Astral Lounge (main hub area) Freestar Collective
The dust the light Hopetown – Pit Stop Freestar Collective
Key (circling Suvorov). Cracks Shinya Vose’s chair area Crimson Fleet

Trekkers Alliance Self Service Kiosk

Trekkers Alliance Self Service Kiosk
Trackers Alliance Self-Service Kiosk (Photo Credit: eXputer)

If you’re looking for a sure shot, consider visiting a Trekkers Alliance self-service bounty clearance kiosk. But remember the golden rule: Stay away from systems under the jurisdiction of the faction that first slapped you with this bounty.

Booths in civilian outposts.

A lesser-known but equally effective method is to check civilian checkpoints. Not only do they have these kiosks, but if you’re advanced enough, you have the luxury of building your own bounty clearance terminal inside your own personal starfield outpost.

Restrictions and details of bounty clearance terminals

If you find yourself with a bounty, it’s important to pay it, but there are some nuances you should be aware of when using it. Bounty Clearance Terminals in Starfield.

Location restrictions

Details of Bounty Clearance Terminals
Details of Bounty Clearance Terminals (Image credit: eXputer)

One of the main aspects of Starfield’s bounty system is that you can’t wipe your slate clean anywhere. Bounty clearance terminals are faction-specific, meaning you cannot clear a bounty while within the territorial space of the faction you have oppressed.

To give you a clear picture:

  • If you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the United Colonies (UC), you’ll need to travel to the Freestar or Crimson Fleet areas to access their terminals and clear your UC bounty.
  • Likewise, if you’ve disturbed the Freestar Collective, your redemption lies in the UC or Crimson Fleet terminals.

Crimson faction-specific grace

If you’ve managed to stay neutral or avoid skirmishes, you’ll find that The Crimson Fleet will not spare your head in Starfield. This unique aspect of their system is linked to membership. By joining them, you will be susceptible to receiving favors from this group.

Clearing a Crimson Fleet Bounty

Now, suppose you become a member and, for some reason, find yourself with a bounty from The Crimson Fleet. You may wonder: where to go? Well, like other factions, you won’t be able to clear this bounty in a single area.

Note: Instead, you must set up a course for either Freestar Collective or United Colonies. In their areas, you’ll find terminals that can help clean up your Crimson Fleet-infested reputation.

Options for setting Starfield Bounty

While the universe doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach, there are a number of ways to clear your name. Let’s break them down:

1. Direct payment

Direct payment
Direct Payment (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Kiosk System: Starfield Trackers Alliance boasts Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk – a streamlined way to settle your debts. Interact with these machines to understand and pay your dues.
  • Calculation Factors: Your balance is not random; This is directly related to the severity of your violations. The gravity of your crime determines whether you pay a minimum of 600 credits or skyrocket to 100,000 credits.
  • Location Restrictions: Remember, you can’t just clean grace anywhere. Familiarize yourself with friendly zones that allow grace clearance.

2. The way to prison

The way to prison
The Way to Jail (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Why Choose Imprisonment?: Sometimes, circumstances or rules prevent payment. In such cases, willingly serving time in jail can clear your record.
  • Determining sentence length: Like the payment scale, your prison term varies according to the crime you committed.
  • What you lose: Incarceration is not without its drawbacks. Expect a drop in XP and parting with any illegally obtained items.
  • Life behind bars: Time in Starfield’s prison isn’t just about waiting. Depending on your play style, you might find yourself planning an escape or even capturing prison guards.

3. The way of bribery

  • Understanding Costs: Bribing is not always the easiest way. The initial bribe can be hefty. However, if you have invested in negotiation skills, you can reduce these costs considerably.
  • Consequences of Bribery: Successful bribery in Starfield has an interesting twist. You’ve been sent to jail, but don’t worry. You are immediately released. This is just protocol.
  • Limitations of Bribery: Not all rewards can be taken away by giving bribes. There are strict limits on amounts, depending on your remaining bounty.

How do the bounty system or mechanics work in Starfield?

Starfield’s bounty system adds depth and complexity to gameplay, challenging players to think, strategize, and make decisions that will shape their cosmic environment. adventure. Let’s delve deeper into Starfield’s complex waste system.

1. What triggers grace?

Engaging in unsanctioned activities such as stealing, pickpocketing, and attacking NPCs will certainly put a price on your head. Equally rude and hacking, both attract attention.

2. Implications for carrying grace

  • Limited Access: With a grace, the universe shrinks a little. Certain areas or zones are expected to be blocked.
  • The quest Constraints: Some quests become temporarily or permanently unavailable when you are a wanted person.

3. Cost

Variation is the key: Starfield does not offer flat rates for errands. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, both the reward value and the possible jail sentence will vary, reflecting the severity of your actions.

5. Navigating the system

  • Stealth as an Asset: Not all crimes are noticed. With the right stealth actions, you can dodge the bounty bullet.
  • Dilemma of Companions: Fidelity is not guaranteed. Colleagues may not take kindly to serious crimes and may report them, creating tension within you Staff.

6. Crimson Flat

  • Unique dynamics: Crimson Fleet operates on a different wavelength. You are free of rewards for any hostile action against them, unless of course you are one of them.

To sum it up, the rewards in Starfield can be a difficult obstacle for players. However, with knowledge of the system, from using the Trackers Alliance kiosk to strategic negotiations, one can navigate these cosmic punishments well. As you soar into space, remember these tips to ensure a smooth and legal galactic adventure.

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