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How to make Stew in Rune Factory 5

While recipes will cut back the quantity of rune factors (RP) wanted to make a dish, that doesn’t imply you may’t make them. In Rune Factory 5, so long as you might have the gear and toss in the fitting components, you may make any meals as early as Spring of yr one.

Here’s how one can make a Stew (stage 87).

Stew recipe

Despite its excessive stage, Stew isn’t a posh dish. In truth, it solely wants three fundamental components: Flour, Potato, and at the least a Medium Milk. The Stew’s stage might be larger should you use a Large Milk. Cook it in a pot.

Flour might be purchased from the final retailer and potatoes are grown in your farm. If you’ve shipped the crop and expanded the final retailer’s choice in Studio Palmer, Hina and her mother will promote Potatoes, too.

Milk might be farmed from the Buffamoos present in Phoros Woodlands. When tamed, they produce milk. At low friendships, they are going to solely produce Small Milk. But at friendship stage 4, they’ll begin producing Medium Milk.

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However, take note of the quantity of RP the dish wants. If it exceeds your present RP factors, the dish will take the leftover quantity out of your HP. And if the full RP wanted exceeds each your RP and HP, you’ll get knocked out.

The larger the dish’s stage, the extra RP it can devour to make. You can lower the RP requirement by elevating your cooking stage.

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