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The customization options in Armored Corps 6 (AC6) have opened up a new avenue for enthusiasts. Copy Their favorite robots. After its release, many Makes the best have come to the fore by fans. shows Like Evangelion, Transformers, and Gundam. Megas XLR is one. Animated show Aired on Cartoon Network (CN) from 2004 to 2005. Users on Reddit and X He was quick to share his Megas XLR Armored Core 6 build. Social media platforms.

Key takeaways

  • The Megas XLR is a popular one. American animated show Aired on CN in 2004 and early 2005.
  • The launch of Armored Corps 6 allowed fans of the show to create and play as mechs based on the show.
  • gave AC customization The AC6 has optional paint and decal features that can apply the Megas XLR’s color scheme to your AC.
  • Many players have shared their builds with him on social media platforms. community.
  • Reddit user Browse u/rjs. And X user @Yautrek has made something. Great looking Megas XLRThemed builds in AC6.
  • You can also use them. Share codes And try making the parts list yourself.

What is Megas XLR in Armored Core 6?

Megas XLR in the AC customization menu.
A screenshot of the decal feature in the AC customization menu.

The Mega XLR Armored Core 6 is a custom build based on the 2004 Cartoon Network show called “Mega XLR”.

Coop and Jamie were two lazy teenagers who stumbled upon a mechanized Earth Guard attack system. (megas) One day in a junkyard in New Jersey. Although Megas’ control system was flawed, Coop replaced it with Classic. A muscle car Use your video game skills to pilot it.

gave similarity The difference between the show and the Armored Corps 6 is pretty clear. Video game use Controller Piloting a giant mecha is something that both have. common. This similarity was intended. encouragement Some Megas XLR themed builds in the newly released AC 6.

Consequently, there are many players shared Their AC is similar to the original show on multiple social media platforms.

How do you make Megas XLR in Armored Core 6?

Side-by-side comparison of Megas Megas XLR with Nad AC Mecha.
The original Megas XLR with a player build was posted on Reddit.

Replicating the Megas XLR in Armored Core 6 is not a straightforward task. Since AC is 6. No dedicated components For the show, you can simply choose a part that resembles the look of the Megas XLR. However, there is a trick here Paint and decal features in AC 6 and cosmetically design an armored cover similar to the one in the show.

  • gave Paint feature Can be useful in implementing custom menus blue And yellow colour of Megas XLR in your build.
  • On the other hand, the The decal function It comes in handy when applying. As you wish mark And the design on your AC, which is especially helpful in creating. Flame design of the original robot.

On the bright side, it allows you to choose whatever look you want. So rest assured that you can still be free to create. Best PVP build you prefer.

Megas XLR builds by other users.

Now that you understand the process behind making Megas XLR Armored Core 6, let’s see what other players have achieved.

Reddit user: Rjsbrowse

Reddit user Browse u/rjs. did a side-by-side comparison of their AC build with the Megas XLR’s. R/Armored Corps. This post was made on August 25, 2023, and received positive feedback from the community. The user was kind enough to share his armored cover and flames. Image editor codes with other players.

Here are the codes for PC:

  1. Complete AC: SUY7PK2YY9EX
  2. Chest Flames: 68SHZRUE71L8
  3. Eightball Flames: GT98QTKXT959
  4. Eyeball Flares: 3C3DUJXW8MTF

Although Cross platform Codes are not available, you can copy their build if you play on a. PC.

X (Twitter) User: Yautrek

A screenshot listing all the parts used to build the Megas XLR.
List of parts used in the construction of the Megas XLR in AC6.

An X user @Yautrek, Also shared my Megas XLR Armored Core 6 build by posting one. Tik Tok Video The Megas XLR theme on the platform is a feature that makes it one of the best builds in the category. Head module. The DF-HD 08 accurately resembles the show’s red muscle car. While I don’t have shareable codes for their designs, I did find a list of them Parts in their construction.

You can freely copy and modify the above build if you can design your own version. Yellow flames However, if you’re on a PC, you can. together Top AC parts with design by rjsbrowse to complete your Megas XLR AC.

Here is a list of parts used:

component Name
The head DF-HD-08 Tina-Qiang
compulsory BD-011 Melander
Weapons DF-AR-08 Tina-Qiang
the legs LG-011 Melander
Right wing unit SG-027 Zimmerman
Left wing unit HML-G2/P19MLT-04
Write-back unit Songbirds
Left back unit HI-32: BU-TT/A
Booster IA-CO1B: Gul
The generator DF-GN-06 Ming Tang
Extension Attack – Armor

Detailed game customization options always encourage players to acquire. creative with their construction. As a result, it is normal for many people unique And to float around jaw-dropping buildings Internet. The concept of making Megas XLR themed mechas in AC 6 is one such idea. Using the share codes and parts list mentioned in the guide, you can also build a Megas XLR themed AC if you Show fans.

Aside from a themed build, there’s a lot more to explore in AC6. For example, you can read about Armored Corps 6. Playground Mode and All stats in AC6. If you’re progressing through the main story, read the easy boss fight guides Juggernaut, AyreAnd Ice worm.


Image credit: @Yautrek, Gerofred Gaming

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