How To Make Gold In Little Alchemy 2 (All Methods)



To make Gold in Little Alchemy 2 is pretty simple. Follow below 12 steps, and you are done. Also, you can make loads of different stuff from gold, such as Bank, Alchemist, and Safe. In this How to Make Gold Little Alchemy 2 guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about making Gold elements.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 12 simple combinations to create gold, and also different various routes for players’ alchemical journeys.
  • You can create gold by combining Alchemist with Metal or Steel, Butter with Metal or Steel, Light with Metal or Steel, Metal with Rainbow, Sand or Sun, and Steel with Rainbow, Sand, or Sun.
  • The Steel element can replace Metal in these combinations, providing alternate ways for players to create gold.
  • Some gold combinations include:
    1. Gold + City = Bank
    2. Gold + Container = Safe
    3. Gold + Diamond = Ring
    4. Gold + House = Bank
    5. Gold + Human = Alchemist
    6. Gold + Love = Ring
    7. Gold + Metal = Safe.
  • Others are Gold + Paper = Money, Gold + Philosophy = Alchemist, Gold + Pig = Piggy Bank, Gold + Skyscraper = Bank, and Gold + Steel = Safe.
  • Gold is not only a key to material wealth (creating a “Bank” or “Safe”) but also bridges to more abstract concepts (e.g., “Philosophy“).

How To Make Gold In Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, gold, much like in reality, holds significant value. It serves as a critical element in the creation of many other items, so learning how to craft gold is crucial. Here are some combinations to create gold:

  1. Start by combining an Alchemist with Metal, which will yield Gold.
  2. Similarly, combining an Alchemist with Steel will also produce Gold.
  3. Combine Butter with Metal, and you will obtain Gold.
  4. Butter combined with Steel results in Gold as well.
  5. When you merge Light with Metal, Gold is produced.
  6. Similarly, combining Light with Steel will create Gold.
  7. By mixing Metal with a Rainbow, you get Gold.
  8. Mixing Metal with Sand also creates Gold.
  9. Combining Metal with the Sun will produce Gold.
  10. Combine Rainbow with Steel to form Gold.
  11. Sand mixed with Steel also yields Gold.
  12. Finally, merging Steel with the Sun creates Gold.

For those seeking a more simplified approach, a five-step combination can also yield gold:

Little Alchemy 2 Stone how to make Gold
Combining Air and Stone gives Sand.
  1. Start off by combining Earth and Fire, which gives you Lava.
  2. Next, mix Air with your newly formed Lava, resulting in Stone.
  3. To create Sand, combine Air with the Stone you have.
  4. By merging Fire and Stone, you’ll create Metal.
  5. Finally, combining your Metal with the Sand you created earlier will yield Gold. 

This sequence mirrors the geological process of gold formation, where intense heat and pressure beneath the Earth’s crust produce precious metals. 

Little Alchemy 2 how to make Gold
Combining Metal with Sand gives Gold! Credits: Gambledude.

Uses Of Gold In Little Alchemy 2

In Little Alchemy 2, once you’ve successfully created gold, the adventure doesn’t end there. Gold serves as a key component in creating an array of other elements, further expanding your alchemical universe. Here are some possible combinations that you can use gold in to create new elements:

  1. Begin by merging Gold with a City to create a Bank. Combining Gold with a Container will result in a Safe.
  2. A Diamond merged with Gold forms a Ring.
  3. When Gold and a House are combined, another form of Bank is created.
  4. Joining Gold with a Human will create an Alchemist.
  5. Creating another type of Ring requires merging Gold with Love.
  6. Combine Gold with Metal to create a Safe.
  7. Merging Gold with Paper will create Money.
  8. An Alchemist can be created by combining Gold with Philosophy.
  9. Forming a Piggy Bank requires the combination of Gold and a Pig.
  10. If you combine Gold with a Skyscraper, you’ll create a Bank. Finally, combining Gold with Steel will also form a Safe.

As you can see, gold becomes an essential ingredient for many exciting combinations, ranging from material wealth like “Bank” or “Safe” to more abstract concepts like “Philosophy.”

Congratulations, you’ve just made Gold in Little Alchemy 2! Lastly, creating Gold involves a series of combinations, starting from the very basic elements: air, water, fire, and earth follow the above 12 simple steps, and you will get Gold.

That’s pretty much it from my side. I hope you now know how to make Gold Little Alchemy 2. Feel free to check out our take on Little Alchemy 2: All Cheats & Combinations and Little Alchemy 2: How To Make Tool.


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