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Core points of Gamers

How to search for the important thing that the bake-danuki made off with in Kamisato Ayato’s Story Quest in Genshin Impact

Kamisato Ayato’s first Story Quest, the Cypressus Custos Chapter Act I: The Firmiana Leaf Falls, is split into three segments. The second is known as The Truth Is Also a Lie, and it includes rescuing Shinnojou from Matsuura’s clutches.

After defeating the Kanjou Commission officers contained in the cave, you might want to discover the important thing to the cage housing Shinnojou. It was stolen by a bake-danuki. Track down the artful creature to finish this a part of the hunt.

How to Chase the Bake-Danuki

You must chase the bake-danuki by trying to find all of its hiding spots. Its first place is situated beside a torch by the doorway of the cave. Approach it to immediate it to run away.

After, you may discover a suspicious pile of rocks beside Shinnoujou’s cage. Break the pile of rocks utilizing Geo Damage or a claymore to disclose the bake-danuki. It will promptly run away as soon as once more.

The bake-danuki’s subsequent hiding spot is in one of many crates within the cave. Break all of them to reveal the bake-danuki. It will then run to the shrine on the proper. Catch as much as it to disclose a glowing Investigate spot, which you might want to work together with to acquire the Wooden Cage Key to free Shinnojou.

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