How To Kill Skeletons In Elden Ring? (4 Methods)



Skeletons can be found wandering around the vast open world of Elden Ring, usually in abandoned locations or near graveyards. Usually, they attack you in large numbers, overwhelming the situation if you’re not careful enough. There are four methods that you can utilize to know how to kill skeletons in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways

  • Skeletons are aggressive enemies and require a specific approach to defeat effectively.
  • Traditional weapons are not much effective in killing Skeletons permanently as they are undead beings.
  • To permanently kill Skeletons, players must discover the proper way to kill them and prevent their resurrection.
  • There are four methods to permanently kill Elden Ring Skeletons: Standard, Holy, Occult, and Easy.
  • Timing, strategy, and gear are crucial to successfully defeating Skeletons in Elden Ring.


  • Standard Method: Keep attacking the fallen Skeleton to prevent its resurrection animation from completing.
  • Holy Method: Deal Holy damage using specific weapons or Ashes of War to defeat Skeletons easily.
  • Occult Method: Add Occult affinity to your primary weapon using Runes to efficiently attack Skeletons like any other normal enemy.
  • Easy Method: Wear the complete Briar Armor Set and use your primary weapon to kill a Skeleton, wait for the glowing ooze animation, and roll into the Skeleton to finish it off completely.

How To Kill Skeletons In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Skeletons is a unique and challenging enemy that requires a specific approach to defeat.

  • Skeletons are aggressive and will attack sight, sometimes without warning.
  • They are undead, which means that traditional weapons are not much effective in killing them permanently.
  • As undead beings, ordinary weapons cannot permanently kill them, as they will resurrect and continue to attack the player.
  • Players must discover the proper way to kill Skeletons in order to permanently defeat them and avoid being hunted down.
  • It’s important to stay careful and use your strategy as you encounter different types of Skeletons throughout the game.
  • That said, players can use four methods to permanently kill skeletons.

Standard Method

Standard Method Killing Skeletons in Elden Ring
Killing Skeletons – (Image by eXputer)

In the early stages of Elden Ring, access to special weapons is limited, making it difficult to defeat skeletons. To stop the Skeleton from completing its resurrection animation, continue attacking it even after it’s dead. If the resurrection animation is allowed to complete, the skeleton will rise again with a full Health bar. The only way to keep the enemy dead is to prevent the resurrection animation from completing.

  • Killing a Skeleton requires a certain strategy that involves waiting for a glowing ooze animation to strike.
  • This method is only suitable for one-on-one scenarios and not ideal for group fights.
  • Timing is crucial when killing Skeletons using this method.

Here’s a method to defeat Skeletons in Elden Ring that doesn’t require using a Holy weapon:

  • Use your preferred weapon to drain the Skeleton’s Health like any other enemy.
  • Once the Skeleton’s Health is fully depleted, it will fall to the ground and become a pile of bones.
  • As soon as you see the glowing ooze animation, attack the Skeleton right away to prevent it from completing its resurrection.
  • The Skeleton will turn into a pile of bones once again, and this time it won’t rise from the dead.

IMPORTANT: If you wait too long before attacking or face multiple Skeletons at once, this method may not be effective.

The Holy Method 

Killing Skeletons Holy Method Elden Ring
Killing Skeletons using Holy Sword – (Image by eXputer)

To defeat any undead enemy in Elden Ring, you must deal Holy damage. There are multiple ways to inflict Holy damage in the game, including using specific weapons or Ashes of War. It’s much easier if you have Holy Build in Elden Ring.

  • Use weapons such as The Golden Epitaph Straight Sword, The Inseparable Sword, or The Golden Order Greatsword to deal Holy damage to Skeletons.
  • Buff your weapons with Holy damage using Ashes of War, such as the Sacred Blade and other Weapon Arts.
  • After obtaining the best equipment, you can defeat the Skeletons like any other enemy by attacking them, causing them to collapse.

The Occult Method

Smithing Master Hewg
Smithing Master Hewg – (Image by eXputer)

Skeletons are scattered throughout the Lands Between, and you may encounter them in graveyards, dungeons, tombs, or even in the open fields of Limgrave at night. However, you won’t have access to Holy weapons until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes.

  • Unlock Roundtable Hold by defeating the first two bosses in Limgrave.
  • Talk to Smith Master Hewg to add Occult affinity to your primary weapon for a few Runes.
  • You can attack Skeletons like any other enemy with Occult affinity, and they won’t come back to life.

The Easy Method

Briar Armor Set
Briar Armor Set – (Image by eXputer)

To kill Skeletons quickly, there is a trick that you can use after unlocking The Shaded Castle and defeating Elemer of the Briar:

  • Unlock The Shaded Castle and defeat Elemer of the Briar.
  • Head to the Roundtable Hold and speak with the Finger Reader Enia.
  • Exchange a couple of Runes for the complete Briar Armor Set.
  • Wear the complete Armor Set, which includes Briar Helm, Briar Armor, Briar Gauntlets, and Briar Greaves.
  • To kill a Skeleton, use your primary weapon and continue attacking until it dies.
  • Wait for the glowing ooze animation to start and then roll into the Skeleton to permanently kill it.
  • Alternatively, you can try to roll into a few Skeletons.

Thing To Keep In Mind:

  • Make sure to be fully prepared before facing Elemer of the Briar as he is a challenging boss.
  • You need to wear the complete Briar Armor Set for this trick to work as it adds Holy damage to your rolls.


That’s it on our guide on covering all four methods of how to Kill Skeletons in Elden Ring. If you have the best builds in Elden Ring, you don’t have to sweat worrying about small things like Skeletons. Skeletons aren’t the only difficulty you will have, consider collecting All Great Runes and become invincible. From lightning-fast katanas to heavy-hitting greatswords, there are many options to choose your Best Sword in Elden Ring.

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