Core points of Gamers


Core points of Gamers

How to increase mood in Nobody the Turnaround

Mood is one of the most important stats you need to monitor in Nobody The Turnaround. In short, if you don’t keep your mood up, it’s game over because you’ll give up everything if your mood gets too low. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to boost your mood and keep it up in Nobody The Turnaround.

How to Manage the Mood Stat in Nobody The Turnaround

If you want to boost your mood and keep it up, you can use activities like shooting balloons or another Minigames Found at the Park location. You can find the park directly south of the construction site on the map, but the mini-games found within aren’t the only way to manage the mood. There are activities scattered throughout the Nobody The Turnaround locations that you can use to boost your mood. Next is where you can find all of these mood-boosting activities at Nobody The Turnaround.

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Where to find all the entertainment options at Nobody the Turnaround

To find all of these entertainment locations, press the M key to open the map, and then search in one of the main areas, such as The park, Professional training centerand the Historic Center Area.

  • shoot balloons
    • Where to find: North of the Fountain in the Park.
  • Basketball
    • Where to find: In the park’s basketball court.
  • ring toss
    • Where to find: Northeast of the Fountain in the Park.
  • Dart game
    • Where to find: Near the Fabulous Pub, southeast of the Historic Center area.
  • chinese dominoes
    • Where to find: At the Elegance Tea House in the Historic Center.
  • karaoke
    • Where to find: Near the local KTV, southeast of the Historic Center area.
  • Chess
    • Where to find: At the main gate of the Park
  • Internet
    • Where to find: Close to Slope or Yongkang Rd.
  • dancing aunt
    • Where to find: At the basketball court park or near the vocational training center
  • billiards
    • Where to find: On the main street of the Historical Center.
  • dice games
    • Where to find: The pub to the southeast of the Historic Center area.
  • game of claws
    • Where to find: Close to Galloway shopping center.
  • Street dog
    • Where to find: You can pat the lost door near the vocational training center.

Other Ways to Boost the Mood on Nobody the Turnaround

In addition to playing one of the many mood-boosting activity mini-games, eating or having a decent place to sleep are also great options to boost your mood. Having a suitable place to sleep, like the $60 hotel room option, will help keep your mood and freshness from fading. The game will be over if you lose your cool too much due to low mood, so having a decent room is highly recommended. As for food, you can find it by talking to one of the various food vendors that line the streets at Nobody the Turnaround. Eating food will increase your hunger meter, which helps boost your freshness and mood.

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