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How to get Viper in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap may be a fast-playing collectible card game, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t deep strategies and tactics to discover. Each deck you build only has 12 cards, while there are only six rounds to try and master at least two of the three placements. But the locations are random and there are hundreds of different cards to collect. Viper is popular in some amazing decks. Here we will discuss how to get Viper in Marvel Snap and how best to use it.

How to use Viper in Marvel Snap

Viper is a Group Three card in Marvel Snap. This means that you will need to have a Collection level of at least 486 to get it as a random card draw. However, once you get it, there are some interesting decks where you can put it into action. Viper is usually used in Disruption Decksas its On Reveal power gives your opponent control of one of your other cards at its location.

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Here are some fun combos you can create with Viper:

  • Viper and Ebony Maw: Ebony Maw is a card with seven powers. But once in a place, the owner cannot play any more cards here. You may be giving up a lot of power, but once you do, you usually control the outcome of that lane.
  • The hood and the viper: The Hooded One puts a strong Demon card into your hand, but it is itself a Power card minus two. If only there was a way to get rid of him…
  • Typhoid Mary and Viper: His Continuous power gives ‘his’ other cards minus one power. Enough talk.
  • viper and rubble: Debrii adds a zero Power Rock to any other location for both players. Follow this up with Viper, and suddenly your opponent’s side of the board looks pretty littered.
  • viper and electro: Upon revealing, this gives you one more Energy. But his continuous ability means you can only play one card per turn, so Electro is perfect for gifting.
  • Viper and Hazmat: Upon revealing, Hazmat gives all other cards on both sides except one power. Great if your opponent has more cards, one of which you can hit through Viper.

There are plenty of ways to cause mischief with Viper, making it a great addition to any disruptive-themed deck.

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