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How to get the Komodo Scales in Chrono Cross

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition opens with an unsettling premonition—and all of the sudden you are within the peaceable seaside village of Arni. Serge’s childhood pal, Leena, sends you to Lizard Rock to seek out three Komodo dragon scales for her necklace earlier than you’ll be able to meet her at Opassa Beach. Here’s easy methods to get them.

Where to seek out the Komodo Scales for Leena

Komodo Scales are collected from the Komodo dragon Pups at Lizard Rock, which is southwest of Arni Village on the world map. All it’s a must to do is locate three pups and contact them to begin a battle, then defeat them for the Scales. However, the Pups bolt as quickly they see you—and it’s essential to go away and reenter the realm for them to seem once more.

Komodo Pup #1

This one might be discovered within the very first space of Lizard Rock North. When you enter, it’s going to sprint, however you must transfer the purple rock to dam the cave opening. Once it is blocked, method the Komodo Pup once more. It’ll stupidly run into the cave lure so that you can battle and gather its scale.

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Komodo Pup #2

Now head south to the subsequent space, and you may see the Komodo dragon Pup strolling in a semi-circle round a raised platform. Chase it away once you method, and stroll north onto an enormous inexperienced stalk rising out of the water. You’ll enter the earlier space once more however on the next degree, the place you’ll be able to loop again and stroll south once more into the realm you simply left.

You ought to now be on the ledge instantly above the Pup. Jump off the south tip of the ledge and proper onto it with excellent timing—otherwise you’ll miss, and it will run. You might have to try this a number of occasions.

Komodo Pup #3

From the realm of the second Pup, go northwest into the subsequent space. The third pup is just strolling across the pond right here, so simply chase it down, because it has nowhere to run. Once you contact and defeat it, their mom will seem in battle—a lot bigger than her youngsters. But this boss may be very simple to take down, and you will have all three Scales when you do.

Now you’ll be able to head south on the world map to Opassa Beach, and meet Leena with the loot.

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