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How to get the I Can’t Take It Anymore! Sumeru Achievement in Genshin Impact

I can not stand it anymore! is an achievement in Genshin Impact Challenger: Series VI that can be obtained by defeating an exhausted Jadeplume Terrorshroom after its activation state ends. It’s quite simple to do, but it does require adequate time to unlock. Before attempting to get this Achievement, make sure you have access to the Jadeplume Terrorshroom northwest of the Sumeru Rainforest and have an Electro character on your team.

How to unlock the I can’t take it anymore! Challenger: Series VI Achievement in Genshin Impact

The Jadeplume Terrorshroom has a rage meter that fills up when it comes in contact with Electro. Once full, the boss will begin to unleash powerful blows before giving up and falling to the ground. Your objective is to defeat the boss while he is still lying on the ground.

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The best way to guarantee this Achievement is reduce the boss’s HP by 50 percent. After fill your rage meter using electro. You can speed up the process by activating Quicken/Aggravate with Dendro and Electro. Once the rage meter has filled up, the boss will launch a series of attacks.

You can continue to reduce its HP at this point, but don’t kill it. Expect until the boss has fallen to the ground before landing the final blow. If you manage to kill the Jadeplume Terrorshroom while it’s on the ground, you’ll get the I Can’t Take It Anymore! Challenger: Series VI Achievement.

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