How to get the Destiny 2 Collective Duty Exotic Pulse Rifle



This is our Destiny 2 Collective Guide. Ever since Pulse Rifles increased damage by 20% against red and orange bar enemies, players have been looking for a good Exotic to use for most content. And Collective Obligation is on many players’ list for its unique set of perks along with the Void artifact perks for this season.

Collective Obligation is a 390 RPM Pulse Rifle. This puts it in line with Adaptive Frame Pulse Rifles. It was first introduced to the game with the release of The Witch Queen DLC.

How to obtain the collective obligation

Depending on how you look at it, getting the Collective Obligation isn’t as simple as going on some weird exotic quest. It requires you to get a group of friends and take the Vow of the Raid Disciple.

To complicate matters a bit more, there is no guarantee that you will get the Exotic Pulse Rifle. Like many recent exotics in recent memory, Collective Obligation is an opportunity drop after defeating Rhulk and opening the final raid chest. Count your lucky stars if you get the weapon without having to repeat the raid dozens of times. (Yes, we’ve all been there at some point in our Destiny careers.)

Collective Obligation and Intrinsic Trait Weapon Benefits

1st Column Mod: Arrowhead Brake. Slightly ventilated cylinder. Greatly controls recoil and increases handling speed. This buff is solely responsible for giving this weapon its 100 recoil direction. Keep in mind that your effective range suffers a bit, but it’s well worth the compromise.

2nd Column mod: Flared Magwell. Optimized for fast reloading. Slightly increases stability and greatly increases reload speed. A bit of an odd advantage considering you’re not even thinking about reloading 99% of the time. But we’re guessing he served an entirely different purpose as a close to mid-range fighter when he first came out.

Third Column Trait: Sustain Threshold. This weapon’s magazine automatically reloads when you gain Devour, a Void Shield, or become invisible. The Hunter Shards and Gyrfalcon Halberd really make this trait stand out, giving your weapon the impression of a non-stop shooting machine.

Mod. 4th column: Stock placed by hand. This weapon is optimized for recoil control. Increases stability. This stock gives the weapon its 70 Stability which generally helps with consistency.

intrinsic trait: This weapon absorbs Void debuffs when it damages targets that are suppressed, weakened, or volatile. Once loaded, hold the reload button to change firing modes. In this mode, this weapon’s damage applies the same Void debuffs that were absorbed.

Destiny 2 Collective Obligations Synergies

Of the three classes, the hunters equipped with the gyrfalcon halberd are the ones in a position to make the most of the collective obligation. The following bits of information will allow you to apply all three debuffs so your weapon absorbs from enemies.

With this build, it’s possible to use Markman’s dodge to automatically reload the weapon you’re holding (which is usually a collective obligation). You will also want to use Suppressor Grenades with this build to apply Suppress to affected enemies.

As for your skins, you’ll want to go with Vanishing Step and Elegant Executioner. You don’t really need them, but equipping both will allow you to equip four Shards at once. Vanishing Step in particular is necessary to activate Gyrfalcon’s abilities. The same goes for the fancy executioner, but it comes into play during combat.

During season 20, the Volatile Flux artifact mod give your weapons volatile rounds. After Season 20, you’ll be leaning on Gyrfalcon to ensure you have Volatile after coming out of Invis.

The following snippets are recommended for this build:

  • Echo of Cessation. Defeating volatile targets creates a Void Rift.
  • Harvest echo. Defeating weakened targets with precision final blows creates an Orb of Power and a Void Breach.
  • Echo of hunger Picking up a Void Breach or Orb of Power grants Devour.
  • Undermining echo. Your Void Grenades weaken targets.

The tactic here is to throw your grenade to get out of Invis. This will cause your weapon to turn volatile rounds of gyrfalcon The grenade will Weaken and Suppress. Simply put, you can have all three downsides on the field with a well-placed grenade.

And this is where the Collective Obligation comes into play. Through its Void Leech feature, the weapon can absorb debuffs applied when it damages targets that are suppressed, debuffed, or volatile. (You can look at the three circles on the side of the visor to see what debuffs you currently have.)

Once you change firing modes, Collective Obligation now allows debuffs absorbed to be all at once for targets of 15 seconds straight. Near the end of those 15 seconds, you can damage a red bar to give the enemy all three debuffs. When the weapon changes modes, damage that red bar to instantly restore all debuffs.

Rinse and repeat to keep debuffs active while you have Collective Obligation active.

For Warlocks, you make this build work with Exotic Helmet of Nezarec’s Sin and pocket oddity to make targets volatile while moving them away.

And that’s all we have for this Collective Duty Destiny 2 guide. From what we can tell, it’s worth the trouble to take down Rhulk and the terrifying final boss that is RNG. Good luck and have fun, Guardians!

Watch this video of youtuber aztecaross where he shows us an updated version of his Gyrfalcon build with Collective Obligation.



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