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How to get Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox Key in DMZ

Call of Duty: DMZ allows players to explore the open world of Al Mazrah and complete missions to earn various in-game rewards. The map also has several hidden secrets such as inaccessible establishments and hideouts that can be discovered, one of them being the lost toolbox of the quarry worker.

How to Unlock Quarry Worker Toolbox Lost Key in DMZ

In order to open this hidden stash, you will first need to obtain the key that unlocks it. The Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox Key can be harnessed by completing a Tier 2 White Lotus faction quest called Bombardment Run. This mission forces you to Exfil the DMZ with six killstreaks in one deployment.

Killstreaks such as UAVs, Counter UAVs, and Advanced UAVs can be purchased from the Gear section of the Buy Stations. These items typically cost $12000 and are only available in limited quantities at a buy station. Therefore, you will need to visit at least two buy stations to get the required number of killstreaks.

Since killstreaks cost a lot of money, you’ll first need to earn money by completing contracts in the DMZ. Completing the Secure Radioactive Material contract is very effective as it gives you not only cash, but Nuclear Fuel Rods which you can sell for $10000. Alternatively, you should also keep looting for cash as you can find the Cluster Mine killstreak in some random loot chests.

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Where to find the lost Quarry Worker toolbox in the DMZ

Now that you have the key, you’ll want to know the location of the quarry worker’s lost toolbox. It is located in Al-Safwa Quarry, a POI located in the northwestern region of the map. Upon reaching the location marked on the map above, you will see a small pool of water. Dive into the pool and you’ll find the quarry worker’s lost toolbox at the bottom. Use your key to open it and grab the loot.

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