How to get Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile in Cyberpunk 2077


For bike lovers in Night City, Cyberpunk 2077 Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile is a stylish motorcycle for riding around. The best part is that there is a way to get this vehicle for free with the Phantom Liberty DLC. If you know how to do it, you can ride the streets with a bike that Tyger Claws would be jealous of.

In this guide, I will show you how to unlock the Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile as one of your vehicles.

How to Unlock Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile

Your only chance to unlock Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile is at the Dazed and Confused concert. In it, you will be asked to convince Lina to film a brain dance and you will have to select the correct dialogue options. This will prompt Lina to text you sometime after the concert to tell you that she left the Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile outside the Brainporium as a thank you gift.

You’ll get the Dazed and Confused concert after you’ve progressed enough through the Phantom Liberty DLC story. You will receive a call from Mr. Hands to rescue Lina from a BD store near Golden Pacific.

To complete Dazed and Confused, go to the Brainporium BD store and you will see that it is a mess. Johnny will tell you to prepare for trouble. Go down the stairs and you’ll find Tool behind some double glass doors claiming to be Lina Malina and Shank guarding her, who offers to explain what’s happening to V.

Follow Shank upstairs and he will tell V everything that happened. There was a power outage a few days ago and now Tool thinks she is Lina Malina, the girl you came to rescue. Despite this, Shank sees a way to create some quick whirlpools and needs you to convince the real Malina to accept it. She agrees and Shank will tell you where to find her.

Once you exit the BD store, Johnny will confront you to help Tool. After their conversation, call Viktor Vektor and Judy Alvarez for help. You should now find something of sentimental value belonging to Tool. Return to the Brainporium BD store and go down the stairs. In the room next to where Tool is kept, there are some cards on the floor that have sentimental value to Tool.

Before heading to Lina’s residence, make sure you have at least 10,000 eddies with you. Once you do, follow the map marker to where Lina’s residence is. At the entrance you will find that there are gang members guarding the place. Take them out as you see fit. Then go upstairs and knock on the door. You can force it open with 20 body stats, but we recommend just turning around and waiting since Lina is not home.

You have to convince Lina to participate in a BD session. To do this, select these dialog options in order:

  • “I’m a BD scout. “I want to make you an offer.”
  • (10,000 swirls) No problem.

If you know Kerry Eurodyne, you will have the option to stir up the 10,000 whirlpools if you mention his name.

After convincing Lina to star in the BD shoot, message Shank. She then returns to the Brainporium BD store. Once you enter the store, you will see Lina and Shank arguing and the former sneaked out. Lina will ask you what she’s supposed to do and V can take over filming.

Once V takes over to be director, you must choose the right option.

  • “Tell her she’s your sister.”

Any other option will result in Malina yelling at you for being an amateur and then it’s over. This includes showing her her lettering tool made for her. Now just finish the scene and after a few days, Lina will text you several times before gifting you the Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile outside the Brainporium. She has a bow in front, you can’t miss it.

The Malina-Mobile is a custom variant of the Nazare motorcycle manufactured by ARCH. You typically see other variants of this bike ridden by members of the Tyger Claws. This one has a custom tiger leather seat with a devil mask on the front.

Since getting Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile requires you to complete the Dazed and Confused concert, you need the Phantom Liberty DLC. The concert takes place in Dogtown and unfortunately you can’t get there with just the base game Cyberpunk 2077.

After picking up the Nazare ARCH Malina-Mobile, you’ll be officially done with the Dazed and Confused concert. Feel free to ride your new bike around Night City.

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