How to get Isu Coach (Location and Stats)


In AC Mirage, an unusual set of armor known as Iso Armor is available to players who successfully complete a certain quest and collect all the Mysterious Shards. The coach has been completely upgraded and is probably one of them. Best clothes In-game, as it also provides a unique voice changing feature for Bassam.

Key takeaways

  • Also known as Iso Armor. Birthday dressAC is a fully upgraded armor available in Mirage.
  • Obtained by completing a specific quest and collecting ten. Mysterious Shards Scattered in Baghdad
  • The location to get the armor is a hidden cave. North-west of Alamut In AC Mirage
  • Armor and accompanying weapons enhance Bassam’s stealth capabilities, promoting a stealthy gameplay approach.
  • Isu Armor provides a unique sound-changing feature for Bassam, but may not be the best choice for certain combat situations.

How to get Iso Armor in AC Mirage

AC Mirage Armor Showcase (Photo by eXputer)

AC Mirage Armor, also known as Birthday dress, is a fully upgraded armor that can be found by exploring the world of AC Mirage. However, you need to progress further in the story to unlock the armor.

  • The journey begins after defeating the first member of The Order, where Bassem encounters a childhood friend, Stopped..
  • Nihal’s investigation into some mysterious symbols provides a vital clue to finding the armor.
  • Nihal suggested something while guiding Basim to the north side of the dunes. “Ancient” Calling in this direction.

It’s all part of a larger quest in AC Mirage. You can learn more about it in my guide. Calling. This armor has also appeared in other Assassin’s Creed games. Learn more about you. Armor here.

Searching for mysterious shards

Mysterious Shards Showcase (Photo courtesy of us)

Before obtaining the AC Mirage Isu Armor, players must collect mysterious shards scattered throughout Baghdad and its neighboring areas.

  • Ten Shards of these are available, hidden with individuals who have unique symbols on them, and are usually guarded.
  • Use Bassam’s skills, e.g Pick pocket Or using stealth kills, to get these shards from their holders.
  • Some abilities, eg Automated collection skills, Makes collecting these shards easier, allowing Bassam to acquire them automatically after a stealth kill.
  • If you want to learn more about different skills, check out our guide Excellent skill.

Discovery of the Hidden Cave

Hidden Cave for Aso Armor AC Mirage (Caught by us)

The essential location that holds the key to this armor is a hidden cave found in a Oasis to do North-west of Alamut. You can find out more about where it is in my guide Aqarqaf Mound.

  1. Dive into the waters of this oasis to reveal a passageway to a secret underwater cave.
  2. In this cave, you’ll find pedestals, which are important in obtaining Isu-inspired gear.
  3. Pedestals allow basm to be used assembled. Mysterious Shards To unlock unique sets of armor and weapons.

Such a weapon

AC Mirage Armor stats (screenshot by us)

Pursuing iso armor, Bassam can unlock not only iso armor but powerful weapons as well. These weapons and armor come with special abilities, enabling Bassem to use the powerful technology of an ancient civilization known as the Asu. Each piece of equipment requires a certain number of Mysterious Shards to unlock.

  • Includes armor and weapons. Birthday dresswhich requires five shards and unveils a unique ability called Forgotten Terror, which creates a powerful visual effect when successful. Aerial assassination.
  • gave Dagger And The sword of Zomorudnigar They are other items that one can unlock with two and three shards respectively.
  • Dagger Helps to restore Bassam’s health.While the sword Increases its damage output Some at the cost of health.




Birthday dress

Forgotten Terror Perk

The sword of Zomorudnigar

-DMG: 46
-Def.DMG: 78
– Blood cost perk


-DMG: 27
-Def.DMG: 47
– Life steal perk

This significantly increases armor and weapon acquisition. Basim’s hide Abilities in Assassin’s Creed Marriage

  • These unusual items, installed with ancient technology Soempower players to be more efficient and strategic in their approach.
  • Abilities boosted by these items encourage players to use stealth as a key component of their strategy, allowing for powerful attacks from the shadows rather than engaging in open combat.

My thoughts on this armor

After getting the AC Mirage iso armor, I played around with the armor a lot. In my experience, I found the armor to be more of a showpiece than actually useful. For stealth, it can be great, but when you find yourself in certain combat situations, other pieces of armor are more suitable. But it has the effect of changing the sound The helmet Basim’s voice is very good.

Finally, armor and weapons in AC Mirage open the door to a unique gaming experience, enriching the player’s journey with ancient, powerful technologies hidden within the landscapes of Baghdad and beyond. But if you’re looking for some better gear, check mine out. The best weapon leader.


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