How to Get High on Life’s Secret Ending



High on Life hides a secret ending for players who stick around and hustle along with some other quests in the game. Like the general vibe and humor of the game, this ending is self-aware and a teaser for what a potential sequel could be, while adding some deeper story behind the villainous machinations that started it all.

Read on, and this guide will talk about how to get the secret ending in High On Life.

How to get the secret ending in High On Life?

To reach the secret ending of High On Life, you must first defeat Garmantuous and complete the game. Then, access the portal station and go. Nova Sanctis > Klug’s Office.

Some players have reported that the secret ending can be accessed as early as after defeating Nipulon.

Once you arrive, check the desk and you’ll find a pink Human Heaven Keycard that you can grab.

Go back to the portal station and go. UNKNOWN SECTOR > HUMAN SHELTER. You will then arrive inside a building where people are sitting around.

There is a do not climb sign in the center structure, and of course this is a sign to do otherwise. Look up and you’ll see some ledges on the sides of the wall. Use your jetpack to jump these ledges and make your way to the room. You will eventually reach the roof where a walkway leads to a door. Since you have the keycard, you can open this door.

Enter the corridor and you will be in a small room. Use the Swizzy Time Bubble to block the fan blades and then proceed through the pipe. You’ll reach another vent shaft, but prepare to use Sweezy again before jumping down because there’s another fan where you fall.

You will then arrive at a lab full of human corpses. Continue through the door and you’ll see a clog through a window. Follow it and you’ll end up in the chamber where Dr. Gargoyle is.

You won’t be able to do anything with it if it has stuck you. After his dialogue, he’ll escape through a portal and whoever has the gun you currently have will comment about the incident, mentioning the possibility of a sequel.

If a sequel is definitely still in the works, we can expect to see Dr. Gargula again. As for whether he’s the next game’s big villain or just another small fry in a larger operation, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

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