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How to get Dawn Stones in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The Dawn Stones are evolutionary stones that evolve certain species of Pokémon, such as the male Kirlia (to Gallade). However, they are quite rare. Here’s how to get Dawn Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Where to find the Stones of Dawn in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Dawn Stones can only be purchased at the auctions a Puerto Marinada. You first have to beat the Cascarrafa Gym Challenge to access it. Items in the Porto Marinada auction reset every (real-life) day, so remember to check what’s in stock. You can also stumble upon some really rare items like bottle caps and ability capsules.

However, Dawn Stones can also be found in Poké Balls around Paldea. Below are the easiest to find.

Northeast of Levincia

Northwest of Medali

Screenshot from Pro Game Guides

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If you’re really lucky, you might also stumble upon Dawn Stones from one of the random flashes you find on the ground. However, this isn’t a very reliable way to search for one, so we really don’t recommend it. Save your Dawn Stones for the Pokemon you really want to evolve. Higher level Tera Raid can also drop Dawn Stone occasionally, but it’s not a reliable method of farming for them either,

Fortunately, other evolution stones are easier to obtain than the Dawn Stones. Basics like Fire Stones, Thunder Stones, and Water Stones can be purchased from Delibird Presents for a low price of ₽3,000. This is after you have received at least three Gym Badges. Meanwhile, rarer ones like Shiny and Dusk Stones are awarded as rewards in the Academy or in a partially completed Pokédex.

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