How to get Crystal Core in Ganshen Impact

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Material farming is common in games like Fate Grand Order, Tower of Fantasy, and especially Genshin Impact. Another hard-to-find material in Genshin Impact is the crystal core. This guide will teach players how to find these rare cores and what this crystal is used for, so read on.

What are the crystal cores in Genshin Impact?

Crystal Core is an item that can be used in Gunshin Impact to create condensed resin, which can be collected by capturing crystal flies. Generally, these insects are difficult to find during the day but are easy to find at night or in dark caves.

Crystal flies vary in different forms depending on where the player is searching. If they are in Liyue, players will get Geo Crystal Flies. While in Mondstadt, they can find the Anemo variant. Dendrocrystallises are found throughout Sumeru. Finally, they will come across the Cry Crystal Flies in Dragonspine.

Ganshen Impact Crystal Core Locations

The following are marked locations that show where to find crystal cores in each specific area:

Crystal cores can be obtained from crystal flies as mentioned above. Additionally, remember that they are easier to catch at night.

How to use Crystal Core in Genshin Impact

Materials such as crystal cores can be used to craft items. Thus, below you will find a list of items that can be crafted using Crystal Core, along with their effects and cost:

  • Thick resin
    • Can be used to respawn Ley Line Blossom from Ley Line Outcrops or Petrified Trees in Domains to get 2 sets of rewards at once.
    • Costs: Crystal Core x 1, Original Resin x 40 and Mora x100
  • Dendroside drugs
    • A drug that increases dendro RES and suppresses vegetative growth.
      Instead of killing the plants, it puts them into a deep hibernation.
    • Costs: Crystal Core x 1, Sumeru Rose x 1 and Mora x100
  • Frost Shield Potion
    • A miracle potion that boosts Cryo RES and enables one to withstand extreme cold.
    • Costs: Crystal Core x 1, Mist Flower Corolla x 1 and Mora x100
  • Air obstruction medications
    • A mysterious potion that increases Animo RES and makes it able to withstand strong winds.
    • Costs: Crystal Core x 1, Dandelion Seeds x 1 and Mora x100
  • Adepti Seeker’s Stove.
    • A portable stove that can be used to access cooking when out of combat.
    • Costs: Crystal Core x 2, Flaming Essential Oil x1, Iron Chunk x 2, and Mora x500

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