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How to get all Yudia Cooking Collectibles in Lost Ark

You can discover Cooking Collectibles in each area of Lost Ark. The strategy of discovering or crafting every one might be tough if you do not know what to do. Luckily, we’ve assembled the entire cooking collectibles for the Yudia continent beneath. While many of those require a number of steps, some solely should be bought.

Where to seek out all Cooking Collectibles in Rethramis in Lost Ark

Below you’ll discover every Cooking Collectible within the Adventurer’s Tome of Yudia. For a extra detailed clarification of any collectibles listed beneath, click on on its title to go to its devoted web page.

Salt-grilled Saltbug might be discovered southeast of the Nomad Camp, simply south of the trail resulting in Thorngrip Den. There are a couple of lone timber and ice crystals right here. You are looking for a lone tree subsequent to an outdated flag.

There are three ice crystals down from the trail main east on the minimap. If you examine the bottom on the flat, you’ll discover the Salt-grilled Saltbug.

To discover the Natural Mungka Jerky, it’s worthwhile to head immediately north of the doorway to the Yudia area. If you are coming from Rethramis Border, head immediately north from the Saland Hill entrance to the Yudia area, nevertheless it’s not a straight line. Keep near the southern border as you observe the trail west, then head east.

Eventually, you may come throughout a lone tree subsequent to some Plain Saltbug enemies and a bush beneath. They don’t hurt you or assault you in any approach, so you may allow them to dwell if you want. In the bush, you’ll discover an investigation level, and after a brief wait, you’re going to get the Natural Mungka Jerky.

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You will want Salt Worm Poop to make Worm Filtered Coffee. You can discover Salt Worm Poop northeast of the Nomad Camp. Navigate to the northeastern nook of the north area by both path. The location is marked on the picture above.

Below a bush, you may discover a Dirty Salt Worm monster guarding its poop, which is between two timber which have been chopped down. Investigate it, and after some time, you may acquire Salt Worm Poop. Be fast, although, as a result of these enemies are hostile, and in the event that they strike you when you’re investigating, you may must kill them earlier than you may transfer on.

To get the Hidden Encavian Liquor Bottle, it’s worthwhile to enter into the second dungeon of the Yudia area, Sapira Cave. Enter the dungeon by teleporting to the Sapira Cave Entrance Triport.

You can attain the world beneath Sapira Cave by sliding down a ramp inside Sapira Cave. This part has loads of enemies that it’s worthwhile to kill, however after the blue quest space vanishes, you may roam the world in peace.

Backtrack to the place you slid down, hug the best wall, and you may finally come throughout a fence and some bundles of bins grouped collectively. The Investigation level is positioned behind these bins. Interact with it, and after a couple of seconds, you’re going to get the Hidden Encavian Liquor Bottle.

Once the liquor is acquired, go to Chef Hella in Nomad Camp, and switch it into Age-old Encavian Wine for 1,400 silver.

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You might want to enhance your Rapport with Thunder the Shaman in Saland Hill to acquire Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers. To obtain this merchandise, you have to attain the Rapport to Trusted, which is degree 4. Adding an merchandise to your Adventurer Tome is so simple as right-clicking the merchandise in your Inventory.

Speak to Thunder to examine your Rapport. You can discover it on the prime of the display screen. Increasing your Rapport to degree 4 will take a while. Check in every day to see in the event you’ve given her any items or carried out some other actions.

You may give Thunder items, carry out emotes, play music, and full quests to extend your Rapport. If you enhance your Rapport together with her, she will provide you with items. You will finally obtain Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers, a cooking collectible wanted for the Adventurer’s Tome.

To declare Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers, go to Adventure on the bottom-right bar, then click on on Rapport or press Alt + N. Then, click on on Yudia, then press Claim Reward or the Magnifying Glass within the nook. Finally, press Claim Reward underneath Trusted.

Salt Crackers should not simple to acquire since they’re primarily based on luck. In common, it mustn’t take too lengthy to acquire. The materials it’s worthwhile to discover is Salt Crystals

Head to the Salttree Habitat Triport, and run north till you may observe the trail east. Head south, and you may finally come throughout a boulder, a tree, and a bush subsequent to a fence. 

There is an Investigation level on the location, and you will find Salt Crystals – seven at a time – so you may need to accumulate loads of them. This is the place the sport of luck kicks in. Open your Inventory, and right-click on the Salt Crystals. In most circumstances, they may flip into an merchandise referred to as Broken Cracker, which is ineffective other than destroying it.

Eventually, you may get a Salt Cracker if you do not maintain choosing up Salt Crystal, so that you simply must maintain right-clicking. We obtained our cracker after 12 makes an attempt.

Salted Food Box

You want to seek out the Old Encavian Food Chest to make a Salted Food Box. Go to Nevatia Ruins in Ozhorn Hill to get the Old Encavian Food Chest. This is the quickest solution to get to the Assembly Area Triport when you have that Triport unlocked.

When you might be contained in the ruins, it’s worthwhile to head to the southeastern space of the location. Just observe the map by urgent Tab to the placement marked by the crimson sq. on the picture above. 

You’ll discover a couple of Mimics subsequent to some bins on this location, and different monsters can even roam about. Look up at a wood plank hanging precariously over an entire above the field, and kill all of them. This is your Investigation level. Interact with it, and the Old Encavian Food Chest will likely be added to your Inventory.

Once the meals chest is acquired, return to Chef Hella in Nomad Camp, and flip it into Salted Food Box for 1,400 silver.

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