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How to get all Rohendel Cooking Collectibles in Lost Ark

You can discover Cooking Collectibles in each area of Lost Ark. The means of discovering or crafting every one will be troublesome if you do not know what to do. Luckily, we’ve got assembled the entire cooking collectibles for the Rohendel continent beneath. While many of those require a number of steps, some solely should be bought.

Where to search out all Cooking Collectibles in Rohendel in Lost Ark

Below you will see that every Cooking Collectible within the Adventurer’s Tome of Rohendel. For a extra detailed clarification of any collectibles listed beneath, click on on its identify to go to its devoted web page.

Ether Essence

Before you begin his craftable, ensure you’ve accomplished the Mischievous Fairy Una’s Task already and accomplished a variety of the principle quest in Rohendel. You ought to have already got Magical Fermentation Boost from finishing the Mischievous Fairy Una’s Task.

Next, you may want Azure Energy Concentrate, which yow will discover offered by Eiza within the Rothan space of Rohendel for 205,000 Silver. The map to get to Eiza is above.

Lastly, it is advisable go to Ailara, an NPC close to Eiza. You should purchase Ether Essence from her for 3100 Silver.

Pit-A-Pat Macaron

Pit-A-Pat Macaron in Lost Ark requires gamers to search out Aricer, the Wandering Merchant in Rohendel, and purchase it. His location and when he will likely be there are beneath.

Aricer, the Wandering Merchant, seems randomly in one in all 5 zones: Breezesome BraeElzowin’s ShadeGlass Lotus LakeLake Shiverwave, or Xeneela Ruins. Aricer will spawn in all channels of 1 random zone and keep for roughly 25 minutes.

Get the Pit-A-Pat Macaron from him for 150,00 Silver, after which eat it.

Wandering Merchant Nox Spawn occasions (AM and PM):

  • 2:30
  • 5:30
  • 6:30
  • 8:30
  • 9:30
  • 12:30

Pay consideration to the clock within the prime left nook of the display screen as a result of he’ll solely seem on server time, not native time.

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Jelly Chew

Jelly Chew is produced from three elements that may be discovered within the Lake Shiverware space in Rohendel:

  • Chew Jelly – Most southern circle in Sky Garden marked above
  • Chew Chew Jelly – Most northern circle marked above
  • Chew Chew Chew Jelly – The collectible in Sylvian Residence marked above.

These are comparatively simple to acquire and are extra like common collectibles than something troublesome. The just one that can require any know-how is essentially the most southern ingredient in Sky Garden. You can attain the Sky Garden by way of the blue portal within the yellow triangle marked above.

Lastly, it is advisable go to Ailara, an NPC within the Rothun space, and have her make the Jelly Chew for 1,600 Silver. There’s a map above for her actual space. 

Sweet Honey Butter Beer

First, you may want Honey Butter and Beer, which yow will discover offered by Eiza in Rothan; the map to search out her is above. The value of Honey Butter is 5,000 Silver, and the Beer is 10,000 Silver. We advocate shopping for a minimum of 5 of every because you may not get Sweet Honey Butter Beer in your first strive.

Lastly, it is advisable go to Ailara, an NPC close to Eiza, discovered on the map above. Buy Honey Butter Beer from Ailara for 2,500 Silver, and there is an opportunity it is going to find yourself being Sweet Honey Butter Beer. Keep doing this till you get it proper.

Tooki Tooki Soup

Before you possibly can craft this, it’s essential to have already accomplished a variety of the principle quest in Rohendel and have accomplished Repairing the Seal Site Una’s Quest.

You’ll obtain the primary ingredient, Mana-infused Soup, after finishing Repairing the Seal Site Una’s Quest. The second ingredient is Captured Tooki’s Tears, which may solely be obtained after killing a Lost Tooki. The finest location that we have discovered them is marked beneath. The drop charge is extraordinarily low, with many individuals reporting that they’ve killed dozens of them with out success.

Keep killing Lost Tooki monsters till they drop tears so that you can accumulate.

Lastly, it is advisable go to Ailara, an NPC in Rothun, discovered by way of the map above. Buy Tooki Tooki Soup from Ailara for 3,100 Silver and right-click the soup in your stock to finish this collectible.

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Crafting Zechbas requires luck, probability, and even killing a World Boss. Before making a Zechbas, gamers must make Sparkling Elemental Food.

To make Sparkling Elemental Food, gamers will want 4 elements:

  • Purified Lotus Flower Water
  • First Contaminated Elemental Food
  • Second Contaminated Elemental Food
    • Kill Elites in Rohendel for this random drop
  • Third Contaminated Elemental Food
    • Kill World Boss Magmadon in Rohendel

There will likely be swimming pools of water with lotus flowers on the west aspect of the Glass Lotus Lake space. The map exhibits all doable areas; study every Lotus flower till you possibly can study it.

You can solely discover this on the map location above at Xeneela Ruins. Look for this ingredient close to the gate.

You ought to go to Ailara, an NPC in Rothun, to make the Sparkling Elemental Food. You can discover her actual location on the map above. Have her make the Sparkling Elemental Food for 2,500 Silver. Next, it is advisable right-click on it in your stock.

It will both turn into Zechbas or Ruined Elemental Food. You should repeat all of the steps above if you happen to acquired Ruined Elemental Food. If it turns into Zechbas, right-click it, and will probably be added to the Adventurer’s Log.

Snail Roll Cake

Visit an NPC named Orelda in Glass Lotus Lake. Her location is marked above. She offers you the Secret Recipe after maxing out your rapport together with her. After giving her a variety of items, she gave us the Secret Recipe. Once you may have the Secret Recipe, it is time to accumulate snails.

You can discover all of the snails in Elzowin’s Shade within the areas we marked above. Follow our map’s east aspect up and down till you may have collected 200 snails.

After you may have completed snail looking, go to Ailara, an NPC in Rothun, to create a Magick Albino Snail. She will be discovered on the map above. Have her make the Magick Albino Snail for 1,600 Silver

Have her make the Snail Roll Cake for 3,100 Silver when she’s accomplished. When you may have the Snail Roll Cake, right-click it, and will probably be added to the Adventurer’s Log.

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