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How to get all North Vern Cooking Collectibles in Lost Ark

You can discover Cooking Collectibles in each area of Lost Ark. The technique of discovering or crafting each could be tough if you do not know what to do. Luckily, now we have assembled all the cooking collectibles for the North Vern continent under. While many of those require a number of steps, some solely must be bought.

Where to seek out all Cooking Collectibles in North Vern in Lost Ark

Below you will see that every Cooking Collectible within the Adventurer’s Tome of North Vern. For a extra detailed clarification of any collectibles listed under, click on on its identify to go to its devoted web page.

Vern Anniversary Spirits

Roy within Roy’s Wine Bar has the alcohol you are on the lookout for. Look for Vern Anniversary Spirits within the elements tab of his store.They value 18,000 Silver apiece.

Make positive to buy a second bottle in the event you’re going for full completion. Long Live the Queen! requires Vern Anniversary Spirits, which is the final and most tough meals merchandise to seek out in North Vern.

Balankar Ranger’s Salad

As quickly as you discover that merchandise, additionally, you will want 900 Silver to craft the salad as soon as you come to Stelia the Cook in Vern Castle.

Exit the secure zone to the east and hug the wall on the suitable while you arrive at Parna’s Sanctum Triport. You’ll randomly uncover the spot to reap Vines on the finish of the upward slope.

While you might be right here, we suggest you harvest two vines. You’ll want a second Balankar Ranger’s Salad to craft the Long Live the Queen! So seize the elements for a second salad when you’re at it.

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Proxima Course Meal

There is an NPC in Rania Village on Market Street named Luigia. She sells two needed elements:

  • Proxima Stern – 18,000 Silver
  • Proxima Root – 18,000 Silver

You can discover each elements within the Ingredients tab.

You can solely get hold of the following ingredient, Natural Proxima Skin, by killing Proxima. Proxima is a raid world boss that respawns each 24 hours. The Raid World Boss will seem in your map while you go to Vernese Forest. Visit our information on World Boss Proxima for a walkthrough on discovering and killing Proxima.

Cook Stelia at Vern Castle may also help you full the recipe and craft the Proxima Course Meal. Cook Stelia is situated within the Gourmet Restaurant on the west facet of Vern Castle. You should craft the ultimate elements with Stelia earlier than you possibly can ask her to organize the Proxima Course Meal.

Before crafting the Proxima Course Meal, you should craft the next objects:

  • Proxima Salad – 900 Silver
  • Proxima Root Nugget – 900 Silver

After crafting them, you possibly can lastly craft the Proxima Course Meal. Have Cook Stelia craft it for 1,400 Silver to finish your journey.


Stelia, the prepare dinner in Vern Castle, can craft Harmony for you after you have collected the three elements. You’ll additionally want 1,700 Silver to craft Harmony. The three elements for Harmony could be obtained from Joo Hye in Vern Castle by buying Fresh Cocktails. Each Fresh Cocktail prices 150 Silver.

Right-clicking on the Fresh Cocktail in your stock will flip it into considered one of three objects:

  • A Questionable Cocktail
  • A Pungeant Cocktail
  • A Palatable Cocktail

To craft Harmony, you will want considered one of every of these things. In our expertise, you will not have any issues getting a Pungeant Cocktail or Questionable Cocktail. Your solely problem shall be getting a Palatable Cocktail.

We had been in a position to produce a Palatable Cocktail after utilizing simply 22 Fresh Cocktails, which value 3,300 Silver. Harmony is among the least expensive and best dishes to seek out within the Adventurer’s Tome.

Goblin Fish Soup

By paying 900 Silver to Stelia, the prepare dinner in Vern Castle, you may get the 2 elements it’s worthwhile to make the Goblin Fish Soup.

You can discover the Unknown Soup ingredient within the Goblin Village in Parna Forest. It’s within a cooking pot {that a} sick goblin is standing subsequent to.

Don’t neglect to get a second serving of Unknown Soup when you’re right here. The Goblin Fish Soup is an ingredient of the Long Live the Queen! So it will likely be essential to make one other soup after the primary one.

You may discover the Goblin’s Fish ingredient within the Goblin Village. Keep strolling into the village till you attain the realm we marked above, which appears to be like like a meals storage space. The Goblin’s Fish shall be inside what appears to be like like a barrel within the space’s southwest nook. Make positive to seize a second Goblin’s Fish when you’re right here.

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Fesnar Mushroom Stew

You can prepare dinner the one ingredient within the Fesnar Mushroom Stew by paying 1,400 Silver to Stelia, the prepare dinner in Vern Castle. You can discover Fesnar Poisonous Mushrooms on the north facet of the Fesnar Highlands. You can bounce down a small cliff as you head north from the Tomb of Swords. The mushroom is in a small bush simply above the realm you bounce all the way down to.

Just shove your face all alongside the higher facet of that lowered space till you see the immediate to research in the event you’re nonetheless having bother discovering it.

Don’t neglect to gather the second portion of Fesnar Poisonous Mushrooms when you’re right here. You’ll want a second Fesnar Mushroom Stew to craft the Long Live the Queen! dish, so chances are you’ll as nicely seize the mushroom you will want for it now.

Long Live the Queen!

Crafting the Long Live the Queen! in Lost Ark requires having crafted many different collectibles.

Each ingredient is definitely only a cooking collectible that requires steps of its personal. To make Long Live the Queen! you will want these elements:

  • Proxima Course Meal – 39,200 Silver required
  • Balankar Ranger’s Salad – 900 Silver required
  • Harmony – Cost us 5,000 Silver
  • Goblin Fish Soup – 900 Silver required
  • Vern Anniversary Spirits – 18,000 Silver required

You will lose all of those while you make Long Live the Queen, so be sure you’re okay to lose them! Take it to Cook Stelia at Vern Castle when you will have all of those elements.

Go to Cook Stelia, situated within the Gourmet Restaurant on the west facet of Vern Castle. You’ll have to pay her 1,700 Silver to place all of those elements into one, and you will lastly have Long Live the Queen!

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