How To Fix Valorant Van 0 Error Code In 2023



Valorant van 0 error could be very frustrating for gamers who are trying to enjoy their game. This error occurs when Valorant encounters a connection error. It can also occur due to connectivity problems with Riot Vanguard. But you don’t have to worry; we will tell you some fixes from which you can potentially fix this error.

Key Takeaways

  • Valorant Van 0 occurs when the game fails to connect with the servers because your Windows antivirus or firewall is blocked.
  • It’ll usually occur when you start matchmaking for a game. 
  • This error commonly occurs due to connectivity issues with Riot Vanguard.

Here are some fixes you can try to get rid of Valorant Van 0 error:

    1. Try restarting your Riot Client. 
    2. Make exceptions for Vanguard.
    3. Try repairing your game. 
    4. Run your game as administrator.
    5. Disable Your VPN
    6. Disable antivirus temporarily. 
    7. Reinstall Vanguard
  • If none of the above-mentioned methods help you fix your issue, you can try contacting Valorant Support.

Try Restarting Your Riot Client

The first method that can be used to fix Error Code Van 0 is to restart your Riot Client. Riot Games also suggest this method. To restart your Riot Client, make sure to follow these simple and descriptive steps:

  1. First, you must open the Task Manager by shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  2. Next, you have to locate the Riot Client in the processes tab. 
  3. As you find it, tap on it and choose End Task to shut down the Riot Client Process.
  4. A clear starting up of Vanguard and Valorant games can also be done by rebooting your PC.

Restarting your Riot Client will fix the error. If by restarting the Riot Client, the error is not fixed then follow the other given methods.

Disable VPN

Sometimes disabling your VPN can help you to fix the error as vpn maybe the cause of the error. So you can try to disable your VPN. Sometimes you use a third party, or you may use the system vpn.

  1. Simply first of all you have to open your vpn which you have connected.
  2. Then find the option to disable the VPN from there and then disable it.
Vpn main screen
Disable VPN from here
  1. Click the Start menu and open settings from there.
  2. Click network and internet.
  3. Click on the VPN in the menu.
  4. Select the VPN and click disconnect.

So try launching your game after disabling the VPN, as it may have resolved the error.

Reinstalling Riot Vanguard 

Sometimes the exceptions just won’t help. If the Riot Vanguard has faulty installation from the beginning or some sort of bug after the update, it may create hurdles for you to play your game. It can cause problems over time and can hit you with a connection error. That’s why the clean reinstallation of Vanguard can help you solve the error.

Uninstall Vanguard
Uninstall Vanguard from here
  1. First, you need to close the Vanguard by either going to the taskbar popup or by using the task manager. You can uninstall Vanguard only if it is closed in the background.
  2. When you close the Vanguard, a warning window will appear. Click on Yes.
  3. Now simply click on Search and type Add or Remove Programs and then click on it.
  4. Next, all you need to do is to look for Riot Vanguard in the apps, and by clicking on it, the uninstall button will appear. Click on the button to uninstall it.

To Reinstall Vanguard, do this:

  1. Simply there is nothing complicated. Just open the game.
  2. And there you will see an update for Valorant.
  3. Update Valorant, and the vanguard will be installed.

Disable Antivirus Temporarily 

You can try to disable your antivirus temporarily. As antivirus may be the cause of blocking some files of your game so, disabling antivirus may help you to fix the error. But make sure not to disable your antivirus software for a long time or permanently, as by doing this, your system may face malware threats.

It depends on which antivirus you are using. There may be a different way to disable it. But here are a few steps to disable Windows Defender given below:

Disable Microsoft defender
Disable Microsoft Defender from here
  1. Click on Start and search Windows security.
  2. Select the program from there and go to virus and threat protection.
  3. In virus and threat protection settings, select manage settings.
  4. Turn real-time protection off.

Now restart your computer and launch your game and see if it helped to fix the error.

Make Exceptions For Vanguard 

Vanguard is an anti-cheat system that can be the root of many issues for the game. If your PC access isn’t given to it properly, you can face connection errors like error Van 0. What you can do is make exceptions in Windows Firewall and Windows Virus and Threat Protection.

For this, make sure to follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the start menu, select settings, and tap the update and security. 
  2. Windows security section is located on the left, select it and tap on firewall and network protection. 
  3. Select the allow an app by the Firewall option. 
  4. Click the Change settings option on top and choose to allow another app. 
  5. Find the game folder. It is usually placed in program files on the C partition (“C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard”), then choose the “VGC” application, select open, and tap on add.
Add exceptions
Add the game to exceptions from here.
  1. Click on the start menu, choose Settings and tap the update and security options.
  2. Select the Windows security section on the left and tap on the virus and threat protection.
  3. On the manage setting option, you will find add or remove exclusions option, and now you may select it.
  4. Tap on Add an exclusion file and search the riot vanguard folder (“C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard”).
  5. Once you locate it, click on it and then select the folder.

As you have set the exceptions, restart your PC, and after that, open your game and see if it helps you to fix the error. 

Try Repairing Valorant Files

Repairing/verifying your game files helps to fix many errors. It can do the same with Valorant Van 0 Error Code, so make sure to repair the game. It can also help you to fix the error. For this, follow these steps:

Repair your game from here
  1. Open the riot client.
  2. Tap on the profile icon above the right side.
  3. Now select Settings, and after that, Valorant.
  4. Click on the button to start the repair.

Hopefully, this will help you to fix the error.

Try Reinstalling The Game

If the above methods don’t work, you can try reinstalling your game, especially if you have file problems or corrupt files.

Now follow the steps given below to reinstall Valorant:

Control panel
Uninstall from here

The most hilarious thing about riot client is that it does not have the option to uninstall the game. It seems like the Riot client does not want you to ever stop playing Valorant. So let’s go to the steps:

  1. Use the shortcut Ctrl+R, type Add or Remove Programs and press enter.
  2. Locate Riot Vanguard, tap on the three dots on the right side and select uninstall.
  3. After doing this, find Valorant there and do the same thing to uninstall the game.

Here’s how to install Valorant:

  1. Click here to download Valorant for free.
  2. If you don’t have an account, make sure to make one, and if you have, sign in.
  3. Once you have made your account or signed in, click on ‘download’.
  4. When it is installed, you have to run the setup file.
  5. Click on ‘Advanced options‘ to change the install location. After doing this, click Install.
  6. You will be able to start the game. Sign in and enjoy the game.

Run As Administrator 

You should try running your game as an administrator, as this may help you to solve the error. Make sure to follow the steps given below.

Run your game as administrator
Click on the run as administrator. 
  1. First of all, you have to find the Valorant icon on your desktop.
  2. After you have located the icon, right-click on it and then click on “run as administrator”.
  3. By following the above steps, you have given admin rights to the game.
  4. After this, try starting your game, as it may have resolved the error.

Even by doing this, if the error is still not fixed, then you can try the other method.

  1. Again right, click on the icon.
  2. Now you’re gonna have to click on properties.
  3. After that, go compatibility pane.
  4. Tick on the run as administrator.
  5. Click on it and apply the changes.

Now open the game and check if it helps resolve the error. Know that running your game as an administrator will give the game more access to the system. But this is not safe as it gives your game access to system files, so only run your game as administrator if it is needed.

Contact Customer Support

If none of the methods above helped you to fix the error code van 0. You should try contacting Valorant customer support, as it may help you resolve the issue. To contact customer support, make sure to follow these steps:

Submit Ticket
Submit Ticket
  1. Click here to open the Valorant official support website.
  2. Choose the Valorant icon.
  3. Scroll down until you don’t find submit a ticket.
  4. Choose a request from the menu.
  5. You need to log in if you want to submit a ticket, so make sure you are logged in.
  6. Choose to sign up. Once you are signed in, inform us about the error.
  7. Select your inquiry. In the description box, enter all important information.
  8. Attach the image of the error in the attachment section.
  9. Click on submit.

Valorant customer care will respond to your complaint and help you to resolve the issue.


What type of game is Valorant?

Valorant is a competitive 5v5 tactical shooter game, first person hero based game.

What is Valorant Error Code Van 0?

Valorant Error Code Van 0 is a connection error that stops you from playing the game.

Is it hard to fix the error Van 0 in Valorant?

No, it isn’t that hard to fix this error. You can easily get rid of this error with the fixes given in the guide.

If you are facing issues related to other games as well, make sure to check out other error fixes on eXputer.

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