How to fix Nebula connection error



Payday 3 has the annoying Nebula login bug that prevents players from playing the game. When you get the Nebula connection error, you cannot access the main menu or matchmaking to play the game. This guide will show you how to fix Payday 3 Nebula login error.

How to fix Nebula connection error in Payday 3?

Simply restart Payday 3 to fix Nebula connection error. You are getting this error because too many people are trying to play Payday 3, which overloads the servers. By continually restarting the game, you can pass the login and start matchmaking.

We encountered this error ourselves right during the launch of Payday 3. You will only have two options: Return to login or Exit. If you choose to log back in, you will get the same Nebula connection error again. The best thing you can do is wait until later.

For now, select the Exit Payday 3 option. You can try restarting the game again. In fact, we managed to get back into the game to match up by simply restarting Payday 3. You may have to be persistent because it took us more than a few restarts to fix the Nebula connection error in Payday 3.

Considering Payday 3 is relatively new, we have more to learn about why the Nebula connection error occurs. We managed to overcome the error by restarting Payday 3, but we will update this guide for more information soon.



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