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Recently, many players have faced ESO error 307. It takes you out of it. Servers Of Elder Scrolls Online. Error 307 is most often seen when players try to Join a server. However, it can also appear in the middle of your session and kick you out. Due to this many players may lose theirs. Development In ESO, making this error extremely frustrating and frustrating.

The ESO pop-up error message says, “Error 307. Booted from server.

ESO Error 307 Error Message
ESO Error 307 Error Message (Image via eXputer)

Key takeaways

  • ESO error 307 means that some external factor has a Wrong connection between your network and the ESO servers.
  • Error 307 usually occurs when you try to login. ESO servers. It can also appear when you are in the middle of your session and kick you out.
  • Causes of ESO error 307 include: Server problemsa Strict NAT typeslowed down Internet connectionmore Server trafficAnd Inactivity.

Follow these solutions to fix ESO error 307:

  1. Try removing all yours. Addonsbecause they can cause many problems besides error 307.
  2. Look at yours NAT type. If it is tight (type 3), you need to change it to moderate (type 2) or open (type 1).
  3. Make sure you have at least 30 Mbps Download and upload speed. Improve your connection by switching to a Ethernet cable If on Wi-Fi, Stopping Download and streaming, and to restrict Bandwidth of other devices.
  4. Check. ESO server status. If the servers are down in the background, wait for the developers to fix the problem.

What is ESO Error 307 and what causes it?

ESO Error 307 means that something interfered with the communication between your network and the server. While this is easy enough to understand, pinpointing the cause of miscommunication can be difficult. There are multiple culprits. Here is a short list of possible suspects:

  • Elder Scrolls Online servers can be. below.
  • Your network NAT type Being strict can also get you kicked from ESO’s servers.
  • Oh Slow internet connection May cause a random disconnect in the middle of a session.
  • The servers may be experiencing heavy user traffic.
  • If you are, you will encounter ESO error 307. unfunctional for a long time.

For these multiple reasons, you should keep trying all the methods mentioned below until you fix ESO error 307.

Remove your ESO add-ons.

It’s a well-known fact in the ESO community that AddOns can cause many problems with the game. This includes our error 307. Most of the time, only one addon causes this problem. However, you cannot definitively identify this single addon without a process of elimination. This is why it is recommended to get rid of all your add-ons for a quick solution to ESO error 307.

However, players who want to keep most of their AddOns can go through the elimination process and see which one is causing the problem. You can do this by individually deleting one addon at a time and then launching Elder Scrolls Online to see if the error 307 is fixed.

This is how you can delete your AddOns:

  1. Find the Elder Scrolls Online. Game folder from your computer. It will likely be located in “.My papers“Folder.
eso error 307 solutions
Elder Scrolls Online AddOns Folder (Screenshot by eXputer)
  1. Here, double-click on Live folder. If you are in the Europe Mega Server, the folder will be called live.
  2. Now, enter. AddOns folder And delete your desired AddOn. It is recommended that you remove everything from this folder.
  3. Additionally, delete AddOnSettings.txt file from your live folder.

Check your network’s NAT type.

Your NAT type is one of the biggest driving forces that ensure you can connect to other IP addresses and servers. Small data packets can communicate with other network endpoints through this NAT. If your NAT type is restricted, data packets will also be blocked from communicating. This will cause ESO error 307 and many other issues while playing online games.

NAT exists in three different types. These are NAT Type 1 (Open), NAT Type 2 (Moderate)And NAT type 3 (strict).

The best NAT type is 1 (Open), as it allows for the most seamless online experience. A moderate NAT will also do its job properly and have very few restrictions. However, a type 3 (strict) NAT will prevent almost all data packets from reaching their intended destination, causing problems such as error 307. This is the NAT type you should avoid at all costs.

Let’s first verify if your NAT type is strict. Here’s how you can do it. PlayStation 4 And 5:

  1. Access PlayStation. System settings.
  2. In Settings, enter Network section.
  3. Click here. Check the internet connection..
  4. The console will run as a whole. Test your internet connectionincluding its exact NAT type.
Check the NAT type on the PlayStation.
NAT Type on PlayStation (Image credit to eXputer)

This is how you check the NAT type on a PC:

  1. Click on Windows icon on your keyboard to access Start menu.
  2. Here, click on the gear icon to enter. Windows system settings.
  3. Now, enter. Gaming section.
  4. Mill Xbox Networking on the left side of your screen and click on
  5. Windows will now check your network connection and also display your NAT type.
How to Fix SO Error 307
Checking the NAT Type in Windows 10 (Image provided by Exporter)

Follow these steps to check your NAT type. Xbox one And Series X/S

  1. Go to your Xbox console’s system settings and then enter General Settings section.
  2. Now, go to Network settings.
  3. You will notice. Check the NAT type. option on the left side of the screen. Click on it.
  4. You will now see the NAT type of your Internet on your Xbox console.
How to Fix ISO Error 307 on Xbox
NetType on Xbox One (Image copyright: Exporter)

If you see that your NAT type is strict (type 3), you need to change it to moderate or open. Non-strict NAT type players should skip directly to the next step as NAT is not the root cause of your ESO error 307.

Although there are many ways you can use to change your NAT type, the easiest way is to enable UPnP In your router settings. Here’s how you can change your NAT type. From hard to moderate or open:

  1. Look at the back of your router/modem. You will see the device. IP address, UsernameAnd Password.
  2. Note this information and launch. Web browser.
  3. Type your router’s IP address in the search bar and press Enter. This will take you to your router. Login Portal.
  4. Once entered, enter your username and password to login.
  5. Now, you have to find a setting called UPnP.
  6. The majority of popular routers usually have UPnP settings. Advanced section.
  7. After finding UPnP, that’s it Enable it And Reboot your router.. Now, you can check your NAT type again to confirm the change.
Enable UPnP to open NetType.
Enable UPnP in your router’s configuration (Photo by eXputer)

Improve your internet connection

Check your internet connection.
Testing Internet Bandwidth at (Photo by eXputer)

Your internet connection is being tested. Packet loss Or being too slow can also lead to errors like ESO error 307. You need at least 30 Mbps Download and upload speeds to avoid slowdowns and packet loss. Even if a data packet fails to reach its destination, you will be kicked out of the ESO servers. The 30 MBPS value may change depending on the number of devices actively using the Internet on your home network. However, for the average 3-4 devices30 MBPS is the recommended bandwidth.

you can go To test your internet connection speed. If you are getting enough bandwidth, there may be something wrong with your fiber cable. In this case, contact your Internet service provider.

There are still things you can try to improve your overall Internet connection. Give them a shot:

  • If you’re on Wi-Fi, switch to one. Ethernet cable.
  • Restart your router.because it will reset the network traffic and assign a new IP address to dynamic IP users.
  • Player one VPNCheck if there is a discrepancy between your bandwidth and the VPN’s shutdown delay. If there is a significant difference, change the VPN.
  • Stop someone. download or Video streaming services Whenever you get to play online.
  • Access your router’s configuration and limit other device’s bandwidth. 10% of your total bandwidth.

Check ESO’s server status.

Checking eso's server status to fix error 307
ESO server status (screenshot taken by eXputer)

ESO error 307 may not always be caused by you. Occasionally, the official mega server may go down for various reasons, including admin maintenance and excessive user traffic. You can check ESO’s server status here. This website. Another way to verify this is to see if other players besides you are experiencing server issues at the same time.

The only solution here is patience. You have to wait until the Elder Scrolls Online developers fix these server issues. Note that the server will automatically boot you if you are inactive for too long. This is another cause of ESO error 307. You can quickly remove it by logging back into the server and moving around.

Did you fix ESO error 307?

Despite being released back in 2014, Elder Scrolls Online is one of the biggest MMOs out there right now. The developers of ESO are still dedicated to constantly releasing updates to keep the game alive and fresh. However, a large number of active players may have a small side effect of increased risk of making mistakes. However, after going through this guide, you can be assured that error 307 will be solved permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESO Error 307?

ESO error 307 interrupts the communication between your network and the game server. This can happen when trying to join a server or during a session.

How can I fix ESO error 307?

You can fix ESO error 307 by removing all AddOns, checking and changing your NAT type, improving your Internet connection, and verifying ESO’s server status for potential issues. .

How can I prevent ESO error 307 in the future?

To prevent ESO Error 307 occurrences in the future, make sure your NAT type is not strict, maintain a stable Internet connection, and make sure not to download unnecessary AddOns.


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