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How to fix Darktide cursor stuck on screen bug – Warhammer 40k

The pre-order beta for Darktide Warhammer 40k has had its fair share of bugs, and there’s no sign of it abating, with new issues popping up almost daily. One of those issues is a bug that prevents the mouse cursor from moving across the screen. Fortunately, as with most issues, all bugs in Darktide, including the cursor stuck on screen bug, can be fixed.

Potential fixes for Warhammer 40k Darktide cursor stuck error

To fix the cursor stuck on screen error in Darktide, you need to try some solutions and fix the problem. The first possible solution is to keep alternative and the windows key While holding down the Windows and ALT keys, cycle through all your open apps back to Darktide. If this solution doesn’t work for you, please continue to the next step, which is to change your Screen display settings. You can change the Screen Display settings by selecting the Video option and then selecting Screen Mode. In the Screen Mode option, you want to cycle through the three options, Full Screen, Borderless Full Screen, and Windowed Mode, and save your original settings.

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However, there is a chance that you may need to restart the game before you can use this solution. In short, there is a chance that if the cursor is stuck, you will not be able to move it to select options. If this is the case for you, we recommend restarting the game to make changes or connecting a controller to navigate the menu options. There’s also the possibility that none of these fixes work, which could mean that the cursor bug is something the developers need to fix on their end.

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