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Cyberpunk 2077 was hands-down one of the most anticipated games of all time. But after nearly a decade of hype, it led to troubled release problems with glitches, a furious fan base, and refunds for potentially millions of players. But Developers did their best to rectify these blunders, and still, there are many problems that users continue to face daily. Some of them include game crashes or freezing within a minute after launching the game. This type of problem is usually from the user end, and it mostly occurs because of a hardware malfunction or sometimes it has to do with software.

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Here is our guide to fixing Cyberpunk 2077 from crashing so you can enter into the dystopian realm.

Key Takeaways

  • Many users have reported Cyberpunk 2077 crashing at the startup or within a minute after it is launched. The game will be stuck on the black screen, then it closes on its own, or sometimes a Flatlined Error Window will pop up, preventing the user from entering the game. 
  • The problem is mostly related to hardware but could sometimes be due to corrupted game files.
  • First, you should check the required specs for the PC for Cyberpunk 2077 to see if your PC meets the recommended specs or not.

  • Here are few methods to fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crashing:
    • Checking the integrity of game files.
    • Forcing the use of a dedicated GPU.
    • Removing the overclock settings.
    • Disabling the fullscreen optimization.
    • Turning the overlay of third-party apps.

Here are some of the common problems you may face in Cyberpunk 2077: 

  • Error 0xC000001D
  • Cyberpunk 2077 black screen
  • Freezing
  • Buggy trees in the game
  • Enemies clipping through walls

Check System Requirement For Cyberpunk 2077

System Requirement For Cyberpunk 2077 via CD project RED
System Requirement For Cyberpunk 2077 via CD Projekt RED

Before digging into some technical solution, you first need to make sure your PC has the hardware capability to run the game. Cyberpunk is a pretty graphic-intensive game requiring a PC with high-end gaming components to run smoothly. This step is important because all the effort will go in vain if your PC cannot handle the game.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Minimum Specs

  • OS: Windows 7 or 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8310
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 3GB or AMD Radeon RX 470
  • VRAM: 3GB
  • Direct X: Version 12
  • Available Storage Space: 70GB HDD 
  • GFX Setting Game Can Be Played On: Low
  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
  • RAM: 12GB
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, a GTX 1660 Super, or AMD Radeon RX 590
  • VRAM: 6GB
  • Direct X: Version 12
  • Available Storage Space: 70GB SSD
  • GFX Setting Game Can Be Played On: High

Verify the Integrity of Cyberpunk 2077 Game Files

Windows Antivirus often remove the game files, or they get corrupted by the virus, which causes the problems in the game from running. When you are facing this type of problem, validating the game files is quite a useful and easy thing to do.

Gladly Steam and other game distribution services now provide a feature from which you can verify the integrity of game files. You can access this by following a few steps in Steam and GOG clients.


  1. First, you should open Steam by using your taskbar if you have it there, or you can open it from Windows Search by typing Steam and pressing Ok it will open Steam.
  2. Now next thing you have to do after you have opened Steam, then Click on Library and type the name of the game on the search bar when it shows up, Right-click on it and click on properties from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the properties window, select local files from the panel on the left and then click on Verify integrity of game files. When you click on this option, it will start the verifying process, and then once scanning is completed, relaunch the game.
Steam verifying integrity of game files
Steam Verify Integrity of Game Files (Image by eXputer)


  1. First, Open the GOG Galaxy, then go into its library, then search for Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. Now, Besides the play button, you will find the settings icon by clicking on it. It will open a menu from there, choose to Manage Installation, which leads to another menu window from there, just click on Verify/Repair.
  3. After that, it will start verifying the files, which might take some time, and when it is done, open the game again to check if it is working now properly or not.
Verifying Game Files In GOG
Verifying Game Files In GOG (Image by eXputer)

Force Use the Dedicated GPU

Windows sometimes start not to take advantage of the GPU that you have installed specifically for gaming. This can cause a problem because Processor’s INTEGRATED GPU is not as powerful as a dedicated GPU. So forcing Windows to use the dedicated GPU by using its setting or the GPU software can clear this issue.

Windows Settings

You can follow the first method to force GPU through Windows Settings:

  1. First, Open Windows Settings either by using the shortcut Windows key + I or by going taskbar, clicking on the Windows icon, and then press the Settings icon.
  2. Now, in Settings, first, click on the System option, then Click on Display. Click on Graphic Settings in the Display section, which is just below the Advanced Display Setting.
  3. In Graphic Setting Window, click on the Browse button to manually select your desired app from the PC. 
  4. After you have selected the app, now Click on the App, and you will see two buttons, Options and Remove. Click on Options, and the Graphic Preference window will pop up. Now select High Performance.
Using Dedicated GPU
Use High-Performance GPU Mode (Image by eXputer)

Nvidia Control Panel

  1. Open Nvidia Control Panel by right-clicking on the desktop and then selecting Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. When Nvidia Control Panel is opened, in the left panel, click on Manage 3D settings, which is the third option of 3D Settings.
  3. Select Program Settings in the new window here. You can Select Cyberpunk to add, or if it’s not showing there, you can select it manually by browsing through Local Drive C.
  4. After Selecting Cyberpunk 2077, now Select the High-performance setting option and then hit the Apply button. 
Nvidia Control Panel
Nvidia Control Panel (Image by eXputer)


  1. First, Open Radeon Settings, then click on the preference, and after that, click on Additional Settings.
  2. Click on the Power option and select Switchable Graphics Application Settings. Now you can select Cyberpunk from the list if unavailable, then click on Add game option to Add Cyberpunk Manually.
  3. After selecting the game, click on High Performance from Game Settings.
  4. Reboot your PC to apply the changes.

This will fix the problem you are facing. If not, there are other methods mentioned here that you can try.

Adding the Game in Radeon Settings
Adding the Game in Radeon Settings (Image by eXputer)

Restore Default to Overclocked CPU or GPU

Overclocking can give the advantage of enhancing the performance of GPU, specifically for Graphic intensive titles or competitive ones, but for some, it can cause some issues. If you still face crashing Cyberpunk, restoring the overclocked GPU to the factory reset might solve this problem. By disabling the overclock, you can also discover if the culprit behind the game’s crashing is overclocking.

Multiple tools are available online, for example, MSI Afterburner, Riva Tuner, EVGA Precision X, AMD Ryzen Master, etc. From these tools, you easily disable overclocking. Obviously, you had achieved overclocking by using them in the first place, or if you had used the BIOS setting for overclocking, then you entered into BIOS and changed the settings to the default.

Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Sometimes disabling fullscreen optimization in Windows may potentially help prevent the game from crashing. Fullscreen optimization is a feature in Windows that allows games to run in a borderless windowed mode, which can improve performance and reduce input lag though it is not useful in most cases. However, this feature can sometimes cause issues with certain games, leading to crashes or other problems.

Disabling fullscreen optimization can sometimes help resolve these issues, as it forces the game to run in true fullscreen mode rather than borderless windowed mode. This can potentially improve performance and stability in some cases. Here’s how you can disable fullscreen optimization in Windows:

1. Open the Steam client and click on the library. 

2. Now look for Cyberpunk 2077 and, then, Click on Properties, and then on the left panel of the windows, click on Local Files. From there, look for the Cyberpunk folder in Program Files.

3. Now Right Click on the Cyberpunk Icon and then click on Properties. In this window, select Compatibility, and then in the middle of the window, Check the Disable fullscreen optimizations box and Click on Apply, then OK.

Disabling fullscreen optimization
Disabling fullscreen optimization (Image by eXputer)

Turn Off Third-Party Apps Overlay 

There are several apps that also provide overlay options in games, and sometimes third-party overlay apps can trigger several issues. This happens because when you launch the game, the Overlay app also starts running, which sometimes creates conflicts with the other programs.

These apps start even though you have not launched the game yet, and they run until you close them manually. So disabling the overlay of these apps can resolve this issue. You can also disable their automatic startup by going into task manager, and in Startup Button, there you can disable it.


  1. First, open the Discord app by clicking on the icon in the taskbar and then click on user settings which are located on the bottom right.
  2. Then, at the end of this panel, look under Activity Settings and Click on Game Overlay. Then in the overlay window, simply click on it to disable Ingame Overlay, and that’s it.
Disabling In-Game Overlay in Discord
Disabling In-Game Overlay in Discord (Image by eXputer)


  1. First, Open the Steam client, then click on Steam bottom at the left top corner, and from that dropdown menu, click on Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, click on InGame in the left panel, and then under The Steam Overlay, unmark the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game option. Simply hit OK after that.

And now you have successfully disabled the In-Game Overlay in Steam.

Disabling the In-Game Overlay in Steam
Disabling the In-Game Overlay in Steam (Image by eXputer)

That’s all from us now. These solutions will definitely help you fix the crashes for good.


Why does Cyberpunk 2077 keep crashing?

The crashing issue can occur randomly and could be due to a conflicting program or missing/corrupted game files.

How do I fix cyberpunk 2077 files?

You can fix Cyberpunk 2077 game files by verifying them through Steam or CD Projekt Red client.

Does restarting the PC solves the Cyberpunk 2077 crashing issue?

Rebooting the PC can sometimes fix some minor errors. However, for the crashing issue in Cyberpunk 2077, players weren’t able to resolve it through a simple reboot.

If you’re facing errors regarding other games as well, you can visit eXputer anytime.

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