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Cities Skylines is a 2015 construction title that revolves around a single-player experience. It is an open-world game that focuses on constructing and maintaining a city, and the players bring a town to life by planning its development.

Key Highlights

  • Colossal Order created the city-building simulation game Cities: Skylines in 2015, and Paradox Interactive later released it.
  • A number of problems are being faced by the players which is complicating the overall gameplay experience.
  • Common issues faced by the players are too few services, not enough raw materials, and not enough buyers for products.
  • The “not enough workers” issue is related to the industrial zone.
  • To resolve the above-said issue try relocating your industry.
  • Introduce a good transportation system in City Skylines.
  • Increase the number of houses to encourage employment.
  • Reduce the number of educated people in the city so that they are more inclined towards industrial jobs.
    Double-check that both the residential area, as well as the industrial zone, have a generous supply of utilities.

This is done by road placement, zoning, public services, taxation, and public transportation on an allocated area. To do such a task, you require a huge force of workers. And to maintain and increase your workers you will have to do certain tasks.

Additionally, you will receive a notification saying you do not have enough workers in your city. Now, we will be discussing the “ Not Enough Workers” issue further. While you’re at it, consider reading the Cities Skylines Too Few Services error fix guide.

What is “Cities Skylines Not Enough Workers”

Industrial Zone
Industrial Zone in Cities Skylines

Well, the issue is basically related to the industrial zone. The industrial zone is one of many zones that you will eventually develop in Cities Skylines. The industrial zone is a great source of jobs and items for the residents of the city. 

Sometimes in the industrial zone, you might have an issue with the unemployment percentage increasing. When this happens, and you try to do a task with the workers, the game will quote “Not Enough Workers”. Before you read further, why not go through our Cities Skylines Not Enough Goods error fix guide.

5 Ways To Fix “Not Enough Workers” Issue

Now, we will discuss the issue’s possible solution. There are a total of 4 methods that, if you implement in your City, will solve the “ Not Enough Workers” issue. These methods are all adjustments that you have to implement in your city. In a game like Cities Skylines, minor adjustments make a huge difference.

Relocate Your Industry / Introduce Transportation System

Transportation in City Skylines

The “Cities Skylines Not Enough Workers” issue might occur if your industrial zone is far away from the residential area. To counter the above situation, you will have to either relocate the industrial zone or introduce an effective transportation system between the residential area and the industrial zone. 

Also, we recommend relocating the industry if your town planning is way too messed up. And relocating is a permanent and proper solution to the issue. However, the transport method is not half bad, but it is not as effective as relocating.

Increase The Number Of Houses

Houses in Cities Skylines

Another possible cause of the “ Not Enough Workers” issue is that the potential workers are highly educated for the jobs that you require. Or the unemployment rate in your city is too low. It translates to that you won’t have enough workers in the bracket that you require. 

A possible fix for the situation is to build new houses. These houses will expand the population of your city and encourage new employment opportunities for the new residents. 

Less Number Of Educated People


If your problem is that the citizens are highly educated for your required job, then you have two other possible ways to tackle this case other than the House solution. Now, the first method requires you to remove the city’s university. It will reduce the percentage of educated people, thus encouraging them to industrial jobs

However, the solution is temporary. Another possible solution is to enable your School’s Out policy. It can be done for either the whole city or a specific zone. It will encourage the residents towards the industrial jobs, so it is a profitable situation for you. 

Check Your City’s Utilities

Utilities Layout

The final possible method to solve the “ Not Enough Workers” issue is to check the utility supply. Well, for the above method, double-check that both the residential area and your industrial zone have a generous supply of utilities. It is most unlikely that this is the problem, but it has been reported that fiddling with Utility supplies does mess with employment in your City.

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