How To Find The Giant Trevally Fin In Dave The Diver



To upgrade their weapons in Dave the Diver, you need to locate the rare Giant Trevally Fin. However, obtaining this fin is a challenging feat due to its exceptionally low drop rate. Moreover, the Giant Trevally itself is a difficult-to-find fish, necessitating multiple upgrades to access its habitat.

Key Takeaways

  • To upgrade weapons in Dave the Diver, players need to obtain the rare Giant Trevally Fin.
  • The Giant Trevally can be found at depths between 50 to 130 meters, requiring suit and oxygen upgrades.
  • Encountering a Giant Trevally is a matter of luck, as it shares the same depths with other fish.
  • Use the Triple Axel gun to defeat the Giant Trevally, lining up all three shots for maximum damage.

Where To Find Giant Trevally Fin

Dave the Diver Giant Trevally Fin
Encountering the Giant Trevally – (Image by eXputer)

To find the Giant Trevally in Dave the Diver, ensure that your suit and oxygen upgrades are at least at level two to safely explore medium depths.

  • The Giant Trevally is typically found at depths ranging from 50 to 130 meters.

Keep in mind that encountering a Giant Trevally is a matter of luck, as other fish may appear at the same depth. If you happen to come across a Giant Trevally, you must kill it to have a chance of obtaining a Giant Trevally Fin.

How To Kill The Giant Trevally Fish

  • Use the Triple Axel gun to quickly kill the Giant Trevally in Dave the Diver.
  • The Giant Trevally is slow but has a high amount of health.
  • Line up all three shots from your Triple Axel to significantly damage the Giant Trevally.
  • After shooting the Giant Trevally multiple times and successfully defeating it, the fish will float dead in the water.
  • Swim up to the Giant Trevally and interact with it to harvest it and obtain the desired resources.

Dave The Diver offers a vast ocean to explore with many other hidden things. It has over a million sales in only ten days, proving it a success. That’s it on the guide on how to find the Giant Trevally Fin.

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