How to expand inventory in Minecraft Legends



Inventory management is important in Minecraft: Legends, as players will need to constantly gather resources to build structures around the Well of Fate, as well as around villages to protect them. Heroes will start with a minimal resource capacity that can be expanded by building special structures.

Read on as we go through the methods to expand inventory space in Minecraft: Legends.

There are two ways to expand your inventory space so you can carry more resources: Building Upgrade: Gather structures and Building Upgrade: Allay’s Storage structures Both structures can be built within the range of an Upgrade Center and can be unlocked once you gather the resources needed to build them.

Building Improvement: Gather - How to Expand Inventory in Minecraft Legends

Building Upgrade: Gather

Upgrade: Gathering structures are the buildings you need to build in order to be able to gather certain resources like iron, coal, redstone, and diamond. Each structure built will expand your maximum inventory for a specific resource by 150.

All different types of upgrade: Gathering buildings will require 100 stones and 100 prismarines per building.

Building Upgrade: Allay Storage - How to Expand Inventory in Minecraft Legends

Building Upgrade: Allay’s Storage

Upgrade – Allay Storage is an upgrade you can get to expand your inventory so you can carry more basic resources. Each structure will expand your maximum inventory for the following:

  • +500 Wood
  • +500 Stone
  • +150 lapis lazuli
  • +150 Prismarine
  • +150 gold

You will need the following resources to build an Upgrade: Allay Storage:

  • 100 stone
  • 100 prismarines
  • 10 gold

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