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How to enter the locked gate with a Luxurious Chest in Tiangong Gorge in Genshin Impact

In Tiangong Gorge, you would possibly discover a locked gate close to a deposit of Crystal Chunks. If you peer inside, you will discover a Luxurious Chest. To entry it, you’ll want to discover a hidden entrance within the Underground Mine. You want to begin The Chasm Spelunkers to entry this space.

Start by heading to the realm circled pink within the picture under. If you are undecided the best way to get there, begin from the Teleport Waypoint north of The Chasm: Main Mining Area and drop down from the cliff. Then from the realm circled inexperienced, head straight forward, then leap down towards the pink circle.

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You may use the Oozing Concretions north of the Main Mining Area as a landmark for locating the placement. Go past the Oozing Concretions to discover a gust of wind additional down under. There are Treasure Hoarders close by. Once you get to the gust of wind, work together with it to Move Up.

You’ll land contained in the locked gate in Tiangong Gorge, which accommodates a Luxurious Chest to loot. Don’t neglect to work together with the lever beside it to open the gate and get the Wonders of the World Achievement known as “All We Need Is Some Firewood and Some Vinegar…”

You’ll be capable to use the key entrance from each Tiangong Gorge and the Underground Mine to traverse between the 2 areas.

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