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The Tower in Redfall can be huge in size, but with the right strategy, it can be easily defeated. The first time you will encounter this mini-boss is in the Fall Like Lightning mission and he is much tougher than any other elite enemy you have faced up to this point. Beating him is going to require some out-of-the-box thinking.

Read on as we show you a quick and easy way to beat the Tower in Redfall.

How to beat the tower fast in Redfall?

You can quickly beat Rook by immediately running to the nearest Safehouse and taking advantage of the UV light outside its doors to take him down quickly. You’ll need to lure Rook into the UV light and make sure he stays there long enough to get petrified. Once the Tower is petrified, immediately shoot it with the most powerful weapons you have.

You’ll know the Tower is coming for you when red lightning begins to fall on the ground. Quickly open your map and start running to wherever the closest Safehouse is because fighting the Rook outside is hard. This is the easiest and fastest method to beat the Tower every time it appears. If a Safehouse is too far away, you can use the UV Gun to petrify it, although it’s hard to do when it’s moving.

The ultraviolet light will petrify enemies, which also affects the tower. Petrified enemies cannot counterattack when you shoot at them and will take more damage. Lesser Vampires can immediately decay to full health in one hit if petrified. The Rook is a bit stronger, so using something like the Stake Launcher or sniper rifles will really do the most damage.

beat the tower fast

After a while, enemies will come out of petrification. If you want to beat the Rook right away, start dealing as much damage as possible when it’s in this state. Sometimes it will take more than one instance of pushing the Rook into ultraviolet light to fully deplete its health. Although one encounter with this method is usually enough to end the Tower for good.

And beating the Tower this way may not be the fairest way to go, but you get the awesome reward of a powerful new weapon that this miniboss drops upon defeat.

Beat the tower without ultraviolet light

If you want to beat the Rook without ruining the fight, then you need to fight him inside while on the move. The red lightning storm outside makes this fight difficult because it can hurt you. Take the Rook inside and fight him there before quickly moving to another house.

Do not stay inside houses for too long, as the Tower can also punish indoors. Your best bet is to keep moving from house to house while constantly shooting at him to wear him down. Watch out for the red lightning storm and other enemies.

This is how to beat the Tower in Redfall. We hope this guide has been informative.

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