How to defeat the nameless puppet (real final boss)



He nameless puppet is the real final boss of Lies of P. This optional boss encounter can only occur if you meet certain requirements during your journey through the game. Despite being humanoid, Nameless Puppet is one of the toughest bosses in the game. Read our guide to learn the best strategy to defeat the Nameless Puppet in Lies of P.

How to Unlock the Nameless Puppet Boss Fight in Lies of P (True Final Boss)

Like all puppets, you must tell the Truth at every possible opportunity (excluding the Lie you are forced to tell in the Krat Hotel) to unlock the nameless puppet boss fight. When you have the chance to kill Sophia, forgive her and then refuse Geppetto’s order to give her your heart. This will result in Geppetto summoning the true final boss of Lies of P.

This path practically puts you in the “Free from the Puppet String” ending and you can get the respective achievement. Lies of P features multiple endings, and since fighting the real final boss can be avoided entirely, this counts as one of the optional boss fights in our book.

How to beat the nameless puppet in Lies of P (True Final Boss)

Aggressive attacks will be the best strategy to defeat the Nameless Puppet. Due to his ability to heal himself, leaving him alone waiting for an opening may be a bad idea. A good balance between aggression and well-timed blocks is the key to victory.

The Nameless Puppet starts off like any other boss; However, it has the ability to heal itself much like you do. The True Final Boss has two phases. In the first phase, he uses the large scissors that he carries to make extensive telegraphed changes. Once he enters the second phase, he can split his scissors into two blades to perform faster and more unpredictable attacks.

In the first phase, Nameless Puppet has some telegraphed attacks. However, they have such a good range and radius that avoiding them will be a challenge. It is best that you block his attacks before resuming your attacks against him. If you need to retreat to heal, just be careful of his ability to get close to you.

The first phase is not challenging and you will get by fighting as usual. However, his wide swing combos are the most difficult aspect to overcome. He also has an unblockable attack that he will use occasionally.

Nameless Puppet Phase 2 - Lies of P

Nameless Puppet’s second phase will begin after you completely deplete its health for the first time. A cutscene will occur where he will power up and the scissors he is now carrying will glow red. His health will fully recover and now he is more aggressive.

The first few seconds of the second phase usually have Nameless Puppet use a combo attack that involves breaking the scissors in half and wielding it twice for a flurry of deadly slashes. The good thing is that his close range attacks are not as wide as in the first phase, which means that dodging is more valid now.

With the scissors split in half, Nameless Puppet will lunge forward for combos, so be careful. If he jumps back, he will cut through the air to launch a lightning attack. It will also jump into the air before descending and spinning with its blades. The problem here is that the boss is so aggressive that you won’t see many windows to attack you. He leaves a small window after his combos, so you’ll have to be close to take advantage of it.

Keep moving forward until the nameless puppet’s health runs out. After that, you will see one last cutscene before the game ends. And this is how to beat the nameless puppet in Lies of P.



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