How to defeat QA-1MIL in Hi-Fi RUSH



QA-1MIL is the first boss that players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. It is a robot that is part of Vandalay’s Quality Assurance and is in charge of eliminating defects in the production line. Since Chai is considered a flaw, his eyes are on making sure he doesn’t leave the facility in one piece.

Read on as we look at the QA-1MIL’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to Beat Hi-Fi RUSH QA-1MIL Boss Fight

The QA-1MIL boss fight is divided into four phases that progress based on the boss’s remaining health.

QA-1MIL Phase 1 Attacks – Verse 1

  • fist bump – QA-1MIL raises one of his hands up and hits it against the ground. The fist then remains on the ground for a few seconds, open for you to attack. After two full one-punch combos, it will miss and lie inert on the ground for a few more seconds. You can then perform a special attack with two-timing combos to send your fist towards the boss’s face.
  • arm slide – The boss wraps his arm behind his back and quickly slides it across the platform. He can also do it when he gets back up right after being hit by a special attack. He pays attention to the sound alert once his hand is behind his back, as this is his cue to jump high and clear the blow. In later stages, the boss can also move to another side of the platform while he swipes.

QA-1MIL Phase 2 Attacks – Chorus 1

  • missile barrage – The boss fires missiles into the air that will show target circles on the ground that will slowly chase you. The boss will also raise his hand and quickly lower it to send the missiles at his target.
  • ground pound – The boss holds both hands together, raises them up, then slams them into the ground, causing an AoE attack that covers the entire platform. There isn’t much going for this attack other than jumping once his arms reach full height.

Once QA-1MIL is down to 50% health, he enters his serious mode, which has more powerful attacks and combos.

QA-1MIL Phase 3 Attacks – Verse 2

  • Charged Fist Strike – Similar to the normal Fist Slam, but sends an electrical blast into its immediate surroundings after hitting the ground.
  • blaster shots – The boss fires four shots while moving to the sides, then fires four more moving to the other side. This can be avoided by jumping over the shots.

QA-1MIL Phase 4 Attacks – Chorus 2

  • Multiple Fist Strike – The boss hits his arm on the platform three times, with a break between the second and third hits. His fist will also remain on the ground open for your attacks.
  • charged burst – The boss raises both hands and a target circle will appear on the ground. Time your jump once the boss ducks to avoid the explosion and stay away from the boss to avoid the impact.

Hi-Fi RUSH QA-1MIL Tips and Strategies

  • During his Serious Mode, QA-1MIL’s head becomes his weak spot. It can be difficult to aim without taking a hit.
  • The QA-1MIL chest part can also take damage, but the hitbox can make it difficult to gauge the distance to the boss.
  • If the fight becomes too challenging due to the weather, it might help to enable the visual pacing aid.

Watch this video of Impulse showing the QA-1MIL boss fight:



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