How to defeat Korsica in Hi-Fi RUSH



Korsica is one of the bosses that players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. She is the head of security at Vandalay Corp. her loyalty to the corporation was challenged when she found out what Kale is really planning behind the implants she is handing out to the people, but getting her to join Chai’s side it will not be easy.

Read on as we look at Korsica’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to beat Korsica in Boss Fight Hi-Fi RUSH

Korsica’s fight will not be the same as the previous boss fights, as Chai would want to recruit her to his side. Because of this, Chai will be on the defensive throughout the entire fight.

Korsic Phase 1

The plan is to tire Korsica out by letting her attack Chai until her energy runs out. Korsica will be attacked three times in the first phase with different times. Similar to parrying other enemies’ attacks, lightning symbols will also appear above Korsica’s head as she prepares to attack. Pay attention to the rhythm of how these symbols appear.

You can then use the sound after the rhythm pattern or the rings that will appear on the screen as a cue to execute your parries. Time your parries well to avoid taking damage. After each attack, Korsica’s stamina will slowly deplete; missing the beat will cause him to combo once more and his energy will not deplete.

Korsica Phase 2

In the next phase, Korsica will include attacks that cannot be parried into her combos. This will be marked by another symbol in your preparation phase. Instead of parrying, you’ll need to time your dodges for these attacks. She will attack four times.

Korsica Phase 3

Korsica will continue to dish out her attacks, but this time it will be a mix of long combos and short combos that are chained together.

Once her energy is completely depleted, be ready to land one last hit to catch Korsica when she falls.

Korsica’s Special Attack

Korsica’s special attack is Twin Assault, which has her attack along with Chai using her staffs. When this special attack is activated, she will need to press the attack button, followed by a timed ring attack.

Korsica Endgame

To take Rekka down, lower her health to her final bar. She will then rip more pipes out of the wall and use them as bats, swinging at you. After two or three hits, Rekka will stop briefly to recover her energy. This is your chance to unleash all your attacks. Once you get up and drop the pipes, stand back a safe distance to avoid getting hit.

Anticipate another attack from Rekka by paying attention when she raises her arms, which will cause a circle to appear on the ground around her. Stay outside of this circle to avoid damage. Rekka will continue to repeat all of the previous attacks, so she keeps repeating the pattern until she’s defeated.

Hi-Fi RUSH Korisca Best Strategies

  • Depending on your playstyle, you can focus solely on sound cues or visual cues. Some of his attacks can still be anticipated mid-combo in case you miss them, but it’s mostly when he’s doing the attacks that you can’t parry.
  • When using Korsica as your partner, her special attack deals massive damage on single targets, so it’s best used on elite enemies or bosses.

Watch this video of FrankyP showing how to beat the Korsica boss fight in Hi-Fi Rush:



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