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How to cross the Wall of Procyon in Lost Ark

The Wall of Procyon in Lost Ark requires an enormous enhance in talent stage from when gamers first hear of it. You have to cross it to get to Rohendel however getting previous the Wall of Procyon requires extra than simply finishing sure quests.

How to sail previous The Wall of Procyon to Rohendel in Lost Ark

Here’s the record of steps required to sail previous The Wall of Procyon:

  • Complete two Roster Quests after visiting the Queen in Vern Castle.
    • A New Voyage.
    • Wall of Procyon.
    • You can skip this step you probably have already accomplished these quests with one other character.
  • Upgrade supplies to your ship.
    • If you haven’t but, improve your ship to stage 2. It is not going to make the voyage, however it would get shut sufficient that it’ll robotically head to the Rohendel port when its sturdiness runs out.
  • Get to gear stage 460.
    • Keep honing each piece of your gear till they’re all at stage 460.

How to get to Rohendel with out breaking down

Ships which can be solely Level 2 shouldn’t be despatched to auto-sail. If you set it to auto-sail, it would break down earlier than you get close to hazardous waters.

 You should actively sail it across the hazardous waters. Do not cease anyplace earlier than Rohendel, and keep away from darkish water areas with grim reapers. You can set your ship to auto-sail with out fear after it reaches Level 7.

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